Latest news 14 Apr 2014

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Creditron and MediStreams Introduce First-of-its-Kind Healthcare Payment Processing Solution - 07 Apr 2014

Company: Creditron
Solution automates EOB processing for small and mid-sized physician practices without requiring a physical lockbox  Creditron, a leading provider of payments processing solutions, and MediStreams, a healthcare revenue management solutions provider, today unveiled a solution to simplify patient payment processing for small and mid-sized... read more

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Introduces CashPro® BillPay - 07 Apr 2014

New Payments Solution Targets Small- to Medium-sized Companies  Bank of America Merrill Lynch today announced the addition of CashPro® BillPay to the firm’s suite of payments solutions for business clients. CashPro BillPay helps small- to medium-sized companies move to a paper-free payments process that allows more... read more

IBOR technology critical to front-office success, argues new whitepaper - 07 Apr 2014

Company: SimCorp
SimCorp StrategyLab paper highlights expanding role of an IBOR in delivering competitive advantage to investment management firms from front - to back-office  Front-office investment decisions and risk assessment is compromised when based on data from traditional accounting systems or provided by outsourcing vendors  ... read more

Citi Tops Global Investor/ISF 2014 Transition Management Survey - 07 Apr 2014

Company: Citi
Bank achieves highest average score and highest total score across the Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific  Citi was ranked No. 1 overall (weighted) in the recent Global Investor/ISF Transition Management survey. The Bank achieved the highest average score and highest total score across the Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific. The... read more
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