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Fintech trends: The rise of AI | Fintech 2017 Recap

8th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
This article on 2017’s AI comes very recently after Google’s AutoML project created an AI child that was smarter than AI built by humans. The ‘child AI’ called NASANet was created by two parent AIs and utilises ‘reinforcement learning’ that enables it to report, learn and improve from its parent AIs. Whilst... read more

Five UK startups to watch: Were we right? | Fintech Recap 2017

4th December 2017

Company: bobsguide
Over the next month we will be looking back at fintech in 2017 from every angle, in order to determine the most significant developments in the industry during that time. This article looks back on an article we did in February which predicted the top UK fintechs to watch for 2017. Were we right? How have those fintechs performed and what has... read more

Open banking: How Barclays, HSBC and Monzo are rethinking reward loyalty

29th November 2017

Company: Foolproof
Open Banking is a general term that describes two pieces of regulation: the Competition and Market Authority’s ‘Open Banking remedy’ and the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). (For a handy guide on the legislation, here's everything you wanted to know about PSD2.) By opening up customers’ banking data... read more

Why challenger banks want to become a marketplace for your finances

23rd November 2017

Company: bobsguide
This article was first published on our sister site, PaymentEye. With PSD2 and other regulatory initiatives pushing us towards a data-sharing economy, challenger banks in the UK and Europe are steadily heading towards embracing a marketplace mentality that promotes all of a consumer’s finances in one place. Several challenger banks,... read more

The influencer interview: Stephen Norman, Ex-CIO, RBS Global Markets

23rd November 2017

Company: bobsguide
Stephen Norman is one of the most knowledgeable banking technology professionals in the world today. During his extensive career he has worked as Chief Technology Officer at Merrill Lynch and was CIO of RBS’ investment bank for an unprecedented seven years, ending in 2012. Stephen sat down with bobsguide to discuss the issues giving CIOs... read more

Why better serving business customers is in banks’ interest

17th November 2017

Company: FreeAgent
What if Jonathan Ive was your bank manager? Chances are, a bank run by Apple’s design chief would be simple, effective and do one thing exceptionally well. So why do so many of us feel working with our business bank provider is anything but straightforward? Complaints about banking services continue to increase. Whether it is the cost... read more

Can fintech deliver the personal touch in banking?

15th November 2017

Humans are social creatures. We crave interaction and attention. We like to be treated as individuals and not as “a number”. For example, you feel better when you are recognised at your favorite restaurant or when you are addressed by your name when flying on a plane or when a hotel receptionist says “welcome back”. We all... read more

Everything you need to know about SWIFT gpi

14th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
With SWIFT announcing its new SWIFT gpi network, extensively covered at Sibos 2017, we’ve pulled together an overview and the best SWIFT gpi articles on bobsguide. Firstly, define SWIFT. If you’re a corporate or bank you’ve probably used SWIFT, or to use their far catchier name, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial... read more

Countdown to PSD2: What you should know ten weeks from implementation

8th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
#PSD2FinishLine recently started trending on Twitter. As the country slowly grows in excitement throughout the month of November, with the C-word on the tip of their tongues and supermarkets vying for the best TV advert, banks look to the new year nervously. Even if they’re prepared. Even if they’ve got the architecture in place or have... read more

Sibos 2017: How technology is driving innovation at NatWest

7th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
At last month's Sibos conference bobsguide sat down with Damian Richardson, Head of Payments Strategy & Innovation at NatWest, to discuss the banks plans concerning PSD2 and future collaborations with fintech. What is your role at NatWest? I work in payments services at NatWest, looking at our payment strategies and innovation... read more