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Islamic finance embraces fintech

5th April 2018

Company: bobsguide
While banking and financial institutions in many corners of the globe have embraced the benefits technology has brought to the sector in recent years, Sharia-compliant fintech solutions are quickly catching up. That’s according to a report published last year by research firm Wamda Research Lab, which states that in the Middle East and... read more

More payments traffic, less time to monitor – the PSD2 fraud headache

5th April 2018

Company: Feedzai
The biggest shake-up to banking and payments in a decade, PSD2 offers third parties unrivalled opportunity to access user-permissioned financial data. It spells a shift, along with GDPR, in how we view data as more and more industries leap into the embrace of the digital. They also leap into the open arms of fraudsters who have made the... read more

Creating efficiencies and reducing operational risk with an investment book of record

3rd April 2018

In a recent bobsguide article we discussed the changing role of the buy-side middle office. An increasingly critical middle office function is delivering accurate and timely position data to the front office and ensuring redundancy with outsourced back-office services. This article discusses the operational, regulatory and competitive drivers... read more

Is Ripple a threat to SWIFT gpi's monopoly on cross-border payments?

3rd April 2018

Company: bobsguide
SWIFT gpi has taken the correspondent banking world by storm with about 11,000 banks in the SWIFT network. However, Ripple is said to offer superior technology and data to SWIFT. While many argue it is not a case of SWIFT versus Ripple, but a matter of which technology better serves clients, others seem to decisively take sides. Ripple is... read more

BEPS, FATCA, and codes of conduct… oh my!

3rd April 2018

Company: GlobeTax
Imagine a world where you have to walk a long and winding road of complex, interlinked informational requirements just to optimize tax. A world where failure to tackle those stringent demands in the right way could result in fines and lawsuits for abuse of treaty or tax arbitrage. In other words, imagine a world where the Yellow Brick Road does not... read more

Cash flow forecasting – more than just safeguarding liquidity

28th March 2018

“We don’t need cash flow forecasting” – statements like this are frequently heard at companies with significant cash reserves. They often highlight concerns about major internal expenses as capturing the relevant data can tie up significant resources. Modern cash flow forecasting, however, is about far more than... read more

The future of banking: Three solutions to keep up with changing technology

15th March 2018

Company: DocuPhase
Remember the days when you would physically go to the store when you needed to buy something? We’ve come a long way since then. Nowadays, more and more people are buying online. Whether it’s through a web browser, a retail app, or a device like Amazon’s Alexa that’s programmed to order all of their favorite things for them,... read more

The blockchain pioneers paying the public for their data

8th March 2018

Dave Beach spoke to Pavol Magic, CEO of about the challenges and opportunities of the data market. is a user-permissioned and revenue sharing personal data warehouse benefiting from blockchain transparency to provide the most accurate user analytics, helping organizations make timely and correct decisions.   What... read more

Optimizing cash management with a virtual account structure

7th March 2018

Company: BELLIN
Bank account structure is a key aspect of treasury management but it is also one of the most complex to understand and implement for a treasurer. There are a range of options and trade-offs that a treasurer must consider; a corporate can establish a one-to-one account-to-business unit (BU) account structure at one extreme, or have only one account... read more

How to achieve friction-free digital finance

6th March 2018

Despite their many world-beating qualities and efficiencies, British businesses are still surprisingly poor at a very key business process: making sure they get paid – and pay who they owe. This is happening partly because too many business workflows are even today, still on paper, not being done digitally. Research from Gartner, for... read more