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The network effect of collateral management

30th May 2017

Company: CloudMargin
As we have already witnessed, 2017 has and will continue to bring fundamental changes to regulations, challenging even the most robust operational teams across the industry who are asked to do more with less, on ever shorter deadlines. We look at the impact of collateral management within these functions that are pushed to their limits, and how... read more

100 days of Trump: Should we prepare for post-regulation?

11th May 2017

Company: Corlytics
April 29th 2017 marked Donald Trump’s 100th day in office. During this time, there has been incessant debate in the media about regulatory reform in America. We have listened to bold plans for financial regulation to be entirely repealed, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (‘CFPB’) to be dismantled and its director, Richard... read more

How the ETF landscape is evolving, and how to capitalize on it

9th May 2017

Company: Itiviti
In recent years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have seen phenomenal activity and growth. Regulation, product innovation and investor appetite have driven global Assets under management (AUM) to record levels, while also fueling increasing market structure complexity and straining trading platform capabilities across the board. Itiviti, in... read more

Developing ecosystems to improve communication and facilitate liquidity

8th May 2017

Company: IPC
Over the last year or so, we have seen a shift in the way different asset classes’ trade. As banks become more heavily regulated – and with MiFID II now less than a year away – there is an evident lack of liquidity limiting banks in making markets and providing liquidity particularly in the fixed income asset class. As a result,... read more

Clockwork reporting - A new era in investment services

2nd May 2017

Company: targit GmbH
In the ‘post-crisis’ environment of  the last couple of years (almost a decade to be more accurate), investment firms are constantly trying to catch-up with the regulators’ growing appetite to increase market transparency and customer protection by collecting transaction data, tighten reporting regulations with ever... read more

Five ways to bolster your cyber defences

24th April 2017

Aaron Miller, Systems Engineering Manager, Palo Alto Networks Financial organisations hold critical personal, financial and operational information which has made them particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals - last year the Financial Conduct Authority reported that UK finance groups were facing huge increases in the number... read more

MiFID II: How the cloud can be used for compliance around customer records

20th April 2017

Company: Druva
On the 3rd January 2018, MiFID II (the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) will come into effect. It stipulates that anyone involved in the advice chain for an intended trade must record and retain all records of interaction for a minimum of five years. With the official deadline for compliance less than a year away how can you best... read more

Top interviews from Q1 2017 part two: MangoPay, Moven, Barclays, LexisNexis and Margaris Advisory

17th April 2017

Company: bobsguide
1. "Because of PSD2 we might see a number of companies enter the tri-party payments space in an effort to maintain growth, but there is a lot of work they’ll have to do to catch up to where we are": James Morton, Mangopay Country Head UK & NL The crowdfunding and marketplace model industries have blossomed in recent years,... read more

Fintech M&A round-up Q1 2017

7th April 2017

Company: bobsguide
March was a busy month for fintech M&A, a potential early indicator that the predicted acceleration in market consolidation might be starting to take effect. The most notable deal of the month was the C$4.8bn acquisition of DH Corp by private equity group Vista. DH Corp will immediately be merged with Vista’s other fintech... read more

How financial services should be preparing for GDPR

31st March 2017

Company: bobsguide
Dr Jamie Graves, CEO, ZoneFox With the likes of MiFID II and Priips, the financial sector is well versed in the multitude of regulation that needs to be sorted and addressed each time they arrive. However, the impending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a very different proposition; one that will impact almost every corner of a... read more