Trading Systems Insights


Banks need to act quickly to implement cryptocurrencies

21st August 2018

Company: Crealogix
For many years, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remained a fringe movement, generally unknown to those outside the immediate community. In 2010, a year after its invention, one bitcoin was never worth more than $0.50, but the unprecedented attention that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have received in the last two years has led to sharp price... read more

US OCC fintech charter to change banking landscape

15th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
The new ruling that will see the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) begin accepting national charter applications from fintech firms – essentially granting tech-first companies bank-like status – could see agile, progressive entities enter the market. “The OCC has truly opened a window for all those fintech... read more

The need for an integrated data platform

13th August 2018

Company: Quintessence
For each department in an asset manager there are usually several alternatives to choose from when seeking a system that will store, manipulate and present data to help that team achieve their goals. In my experience, those systems were pretty good at answering questions that are very specific to that domain. But very often, a question would be... read more

Private Equity Real Estate (PERE) investment servicing: data management with underlying assets

10th August 2018

Beyond the imperative of return on investment, the entire collective enterprise of PERE investment relies upon collaboration between a growing number of parties; investors, investment managers (IM), management companies, asset servicers, custodians. Further, there is the wider circle that includes regulatory bodies, auditors, tax authorities and... read more

Enhanced customer onboarding must be a wealth management priority

1st August 2018

Company: Profile Software
Differentiation in delivering advanced customer experience in the wealth management industry is becoming of paramount importance, as the offering is niche and the market needs are constantly changing. To effectively address competitive challenges, Wealth Management firms tend to deploy technologies that stipulate the uniqueness and personalisation... read more

Multiple benefits of a single solution for cash and risk

31st July 2018

Company: GTreasury
On April 17, 2018, GTreasury announced that it had acquired and will merge with Visual Risk. The prospect of combining GTreasury’s cash management software with Visual Risk’s risk analytics and hedge accounting software into a single treasury and risk management solution is exciting news for the treasury systems market. ... read more

Getting smart with Robotic Process Automation

31st July 2018

Contracts, compliance, policies, bookkeeping - financial services has always been a sector burdened by administration and paperwork. Even as the industry has moved from recording everything on paper to digital systems and face-to-face service to contact centres and online, the fundamentals have remained the same. It might nowadays be via the... read more

Understanding spreadsheet risk to make Excel safe for financial closure

30th July 2018

Company: ClusterSeven
Time and again, the legitimacy and value of the spreadsheet to business, and in particular to the finance department is questioned, given the numerous times spreadsheet errors have caused significant issue for organisations. But the reality is that for all its shortcomings, this humble tool remains essential for core business processes and remains... read more

Mobile payment systems: making the right choice

25th July 2018

Company: bobsguide
There are plenty of mobile payment services and solutions in the market. Luckily, systems tend to fall one of several key categories, so bobsguide has outlined each one to find the mobile payment technology that best suits the needs of your business. Contactless Contactless payments is probably one the most well-known methods of paying for... read more

Casinos - don’t gamble with your AML program

23rd July 2018

Casinos and other gaming establishments from across the globe are increasingly facing the consequences of failing to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and to maintain effective compliance programs. In British Columbia, Canada, River Rock Casino’s business practices—including accepting C$13.5m in cash in only one month,... read more