Risk Management Systems Insights


Macro prudential stress testing: "Monitoring" the European financial system

25th October 2017

Company: Prometeia
The most original innovations often stem from necessity or are born for the purposes of overcoming unforeseen difficulties. This is the case for macro prudential stress tests, namely a set of analysis techniques used by financial supervisory authorities since the great global financial crisis in 2007-2009. This approach has resulted in the... read more

LCR and NSFR simulation: A core component of a holistic liquidity risk management approach

23rd October 2017

Company: zeb
Bernhard Kretschmar Senior Manager, zeb Frankfurt & Sebastian Lesslhumer Manager, zeb Vienna “Liquidity is crucial to the ongoing viability of any banking organisation”.  This statement was made by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in 2006. During the financial crisis, it... read more

Are AI and blockchain the future of trade credit?

19th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide spoke to Jérôme Pezé, CEO of Tinubu Square, the SaaS trade credit firm. Jérôme talks us through the trade credit landscape How did Tinubu Square launch? I started my career in the Paribas Group in trade finance. I then moved to Arthur Andersen, the audit firm, where I worked as a CTA. After... read more

Bob’s guide to… risk management systems: What should your priorities be?

18th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
This article is the second installment in the bob’s guide to acquiring risk management systems (RMS). The previous article in this guide, looked at the five questions to determine if you need a new risk management system, and lay the important groundwork before choosing the right system for your organization. The bobsguide risk... read more

Compliance vs. design: What should be the priority for financial services?

5th October 2017

Company: The Bunker
The financial services sector is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Banks, hedge funds, payment services and a wide range of supporting businesses are subject to myriad regulations and legislation, which can differ depending on the territory they are operating in. Adhering to this extensive and complex set of regulations is... read more

bob's guide to... risk management systems: Five questions to determine if you need a new risk management system

4th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
A well-articulated and reliable risk management system, can free up much needed manpower to put towards exclusively human risk management. The trouble is, it’s not always clear where the best risk management solutions are, or what would work best for individual organisations. This article is the first part of bob’s guide to acquiring... read more

Will biometrics be the optimal solution to GDPR compliance?

1st October 2017

Company: Crossmatch
The two year transition period for countries within the EU (including the UK, whose government has already confirmed that it will be implementing corresponding law with the same thresholds) to transpose the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into national law comes to an end in May 2018. Although still nine months out, this deadline is... read more

Editor's Picks: Fintech and fraud

29th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Preventing fraud in real-time payments Richard Dear, Business Development Director, Icon Solutions What insights can the U.S. take from early real-time payments adopters?    Change is constant in the banking and payments industry – and organisations that can keep pace with this change while outsmarting the associated risks,... read more

How AI is redefining financial risk management

29th September 2017

Company: EastNets
The financial industry continues to shift at a fast pace, impacted by disruptive fintech and regtech, as well as new complex global regulations and a diversified challenging business environment. As a result the costs associated with complying with financial compliance and risk mitigation are rising. Financial institutions (FIs) that once relied... read more

Fraud protection: Why human analysis is better than just an algorithm

27th September 2017

Company: ECommPay
As the e-Commerce industry continues to expand, attracting new merchants and consumers, the risk of fraudulent transactions grows. Unscrupulous individuals become increasingly inventive in their attempts to steal valuable customer data and siphon profits illegally, causing substantial financial losses and negatively affecting merchant credibility.... read more