Startupbootcamp accelerates FinTech innovators

10th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
London has gained status as a global financial services hub and Startupbootcamp, one of Europe’s most prominent accelerators, have launched their latest programme aimed specifically at FinTech start-ups right here in the capital. In partnership with financial firms, including Lloyds Banking Group, MasterCard and Rabobank, Startupbootcamp have... read more

The rise of the software-defined bank

9th July 2014

Company: AppDynamics
Software will play a fundamental role in the future of UK retail banking. Mobile apps and other digital services are becoming one of the main decision criteria, as customers vote with their feet and fingers and eschew local branches for their day-to-day banking. A 2013 study by Nottingham University shows that 40 per cent of all UK bank and... read more

DevOps – why it’s good news for the business and how to make it work

8th July 2014

The disconnect between development and operation teams has long been a source of at best, irritation and at worst, slowdown of business innovation. From a developer’s point of view the operations team were seen as the bottleneck preventing their beautiful code from getting into customers’ hands.  From the operations team’s... read more

Cash: the unsung hero of major events

7th July 2014

Company: Fiserv
Major sporting events such as the 2014 World Cup often see strains placed on a wide range of public services in the host country. Issues with infrastructure and services are one thing, but the spike in demand for cash often goes unreported.  A large proportion of the hundreds of thousands of fans travelling to World Cup venues will desire... read more

Is FATCA making banking more transparent or more complicated?

4th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
America’s global tax law, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), came into force on July 1st 2014 to uncover US national’s undeclared money sitting in foreign banks. FATCA intends to improve banking transparency and twinned with the fact the US is the only large economy that taxes citizens on their overseas earnings, the act has... read more

The future of cloud computing

4th July 2014

Company: Fujitsu
Over the last year, the concept of cloud has continued to build momentum as it has rapidly moved into the mainstream.  In fact it is now fair to say that cloud as a distinct topic has started to fade into the background – organisations are now simply leveraging all kinds of cloud services as a necessary component of their digital... read more

Banking on a New Web in an IoT World

3rd July 2014

The so called IoT (Internet of Things) ‘thing’ appears to be popping up everywhere these days, even in the high street, following two of the UK’s most well-known retailers (Dixon’s and Carphone Warehouse) proclaiming their proposed £3.4bn merger is in readiness for the IoT. Their desire to marry consumer electrical... read more

Securing success in the finance sector

2nd July 2014

Company: Tufin
In this era of virtualisation, cloud computing and smart mobile devices, the IT infrastructure landscape looks significantly different to a decade or even five years ago. Yet in many organisations, security and system management controls have failed to keep pace. Networks are far more complex, threats more prevalent and - especially in the... read more

Moving to the cloud

1st July 2014

Company: bobsguide
As Cloud Computing continues to grow and more B2B organisations move to the cloud, many companies in the financial services sector still have concerns about the security of data. Industry experts believe that Cloud Computing has the ability to revolutionise the entire computer industry and cloud is continuing to transform the way organisations do... read more

How banks can help avoid the pitfalls of over-regulation

30th June 2014

Company: eg solutions plc
The consequences of not monitoring for non-compliant activity in the back office at an individual or enterprise level has never been greater, with processes within banks becoming ever more complex and the risks becoming even bigger. Evidencing compliant activity is vital to being able to demonstrate to both internal and external scrutiny how... read more