Constructive Customer Connections

17th September 2014

Company: BT
There has never been a better opportunity for banks and other financial services providers to connect with their customers to deliver great business performance, according to a new survey by BT and Avaya*. Fast growing use of new communication channels is creating opportunities not only for better service, but also for more complex and richer... read more

Enemy at the gate – tackling the hidden menace of revenue leakage

16th September 2014

As the economies of Europe and the US look to consolidate their moves out of recession (and the UK economy has just passed its pre-recession peak – the last major country to do so), the financial sectors of these economies are looking to reassert their status as powerhouses of the national output. Firstly, banks should reassess their internal... read more

Unleashing Big Data into the open

15th September 2014

Company: Thomson Reuters
There is no doubt today that big data is spurring innovation. Online retailers use it to better serve customers and thus improve their bottom lines, while sites such as Google and Facebook use it to target ads with incredible precision. The “internet of things” will soon know everything about what’s going on in our physical... read more

Sibos Topic 2: The impact of big data

12th September 2014

Company: bobsguide
Last week bobsguide provided insights into cryptocurrencies, a key topic up for discussion at Sibos 2014. This week, bobsguide delves deeper into another highly discussed topic that will be featured at the global conference, big data. Organisations are beginning to accept that if they don’t start using their customer data (financial... read more

Show Report: SAP Financial Services Forum London

11th September 2014

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide was present at the SAP Financial Services Forum London, September 9-10. Now in its fourth year, SAP’s flagship financial services event attracts over 450 attendees from more than 30 countries. Every year the two day event brings together leading financial services professionals from banking and insurance firms from around the world... read more

Virtual versus physical payments – a rapidly changing environment

10th September 2014

In recent months, the pace of change in payment technology has accelerated to the point where the entire retail environment is in transition. According to Thomas Landis, senior innovation manager, SIX Payment Services: “What we’re experiencing is that payment itself is moving into the background.  People are using smartphones to... read more

Playing the long game – agility is key

9th September 2014

As the US economy recovers from its surprise first-quarter blip, the UK economy maintains its robust pace of growth, and China turns into what some have called a ‘two speed’ economy, the one thing that is clear is that the world economy remains a confusing and unpredictable entity. In this climate, the only thing that banks can be... read more

A Snapshot of the Future

8th September 2014

Company: Tarmin
In an environment where more and more people bank from their mobile phones and use apps for transactions, the thought of filling out a piece of paper, signing it and giving it to another party to complete a delayed transaction feels positively quaint and it’s surprising cheques still exist. Yet they continue to prove popular, with the Cheque... read more

The challenge and reward of turning Big Data into Smart Data

5th September 2014

Company: FusionExperience
Predictive analysis of data is transforming the way in which organisations operate and interact with their audience. With the amount of data in the world increasing exponentially, companies and organisations are starting to invest heavily in tools that help to deliver invaluable market intelligence. However, collating this vast amount of data is... read more

Thread or dead

4th September 2014

Company: Boomerang
As a modern Mark Twain may once have said: rumours of the death of SMS are greatly exaggerated. With more than six billion global users and revenues of around $135 billion each year, SMS is now so ubiquitous that it’s expected to remain the industry standard messaging channel for the next decade. Yet despite this, prophets of doom are still... read more