Black Friday figures show success of mobile payments in UK

5th December 2014

Company: bobsguide
Figures from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks show that new mobile payments technology, Paym, was a hit with shoppers on Black Friday. The banks, which only launched their Paym mobile payments capability two weeks ago, have already seen it used for over 33,000 payments (worth more than £4.6m). Last week’s shopping extravaganza, ... read more

How Salesforce Wins – Lessons for the FinTech Market

5th December 2014

Company: bobsguide
As a former FinTech senior executive turned operations-outsourcing leader, I am in the slightly rare position of being able to challenge management thinking in my former business with insights from my new one. I am fortunate in that my position in a more collaborative business world - that of start-up tech on Silicon Beach - brings me in touch with... read more

The Second Day of BCBS 239: Governance

5th December 2014

Without proper control of the data supply chain, you risk big misunderstandings and mistakes. Now that G. Sibley has established his bank’s critical data definitions, he can put in place the structure necessary to assure the proper controls around those elements – the aspects of business ownership, data stewardship, change management... read more

The pace of change is getting faster

4th December 2014

Company: bobsguide
Warnings from Professor Stephen Hawking this week about his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) could “outsmart us all” and that there is near certainty of a technological catastrophe, may sound more like a science fiction film than reality to some non-experts, however according to the Financial Times (FT) the pace of progression... read more

The First Day of BCBS 239: Clarity

4th December 2014

Welcome to the 12 Days of BCBS 239! On this first day, our banker friend G. Sibley starts with a fundamental: the data dictionary.  BCBS 239 addresses how banks should manage the data used in risk analysis. Our experience is that the most logical place to start is setting and agreeing definitions of terms. This logic is reflected in the... read more

To Grow Your Business Nurture Customer Curiosity

4th December 2014

The smartphone has become part of our daily lives faster than any comparable technology in history, aside from the television. Mobile phones have changed our lives in unimaginable ways. Our daily lives increasingly depend on mobile devices in numerous ways, be it checking email, looking at the share prices or doing our banking. It is estimated... read more

All eyes on financial markets: improving culture and conduct

3rd December 2014

As the 2016 MiFID II deadline looms, financial market participants find themselves with significant compliance expectations thrust upon them. European organisations need to manage the impact of this and the wealth of other upcoming regulations. Can organisations turn this unrelenting focus on compliance to their advantage by using these reforms to... read more

Rising to the BCBS 239 Challenge

2nd December 2014

Company: Kinaesis
BCBS 239 presents banks and other financial institutions with a significant challenge and a unique opportunity. There are many pitfalls which will need to be avoided for firms to create lasting value. BCBS 239 is a set of regulations from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision entitled “Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation... read more

Big data can help boost small business growth

2nd December 2014

Company: bobsguide
The Times has reported that cloud-based address management provider, Postcode Anywhere have built software to convert website visitors into paying customers. Using the big data collected by their customers, Postcode Anywhere have been able to achieve a unified view of what their customers are doing on their site, from buying a product, making a... read more

Top technology trends in Payments, Risk and Fraud 2014

1st December 2014

Company: UKFraud
1. Big-Data – Big-data has become a buzz-word to capture many things, but in finding risks and fraud, the more data that we look at, the better chance we have of finding unusual features and problems that should not be there. The manipulation of data and looking for such anomalies and patterns is getting ever faster and better – and... read more