4 Ways a SaaS-Enabled Solution Can Lower AIFMD Compliance Risk

4th June 2014

Company: Confluence
What can you get done in 30 days? Lose three kilos? Probably. Train for a half marathon? Maybe, if you're in good shape. Aggregate, calculate and validate your hedge fund’s financial and transactional data and disseminate it to local regulators in multiple domiciles? Maybe not, but if you're a European alternative investment fund... read more

Cloud security – choosing the right partner

3rd June 2014

In the early days of cloud adoption the overriding concern for any organisation wishing to migrate data, applications or operations to the cloud was security. The cloud space was new, presenting almost as many challenges to businesses as it did benefits. Now, however, cloud is being more widely adopted, even on a consumer level, and while there... read more

The run-up to T2S

2nd June 2014

Company: bobsguide
Target2-Securities (T2S) will fall short of expectations when/if it launches on schedule in 2015. Rather than rationalising the number of central securities depositories (CSD), it will leave them all intact, at least until market forces take their toll. But that will occur only after they have spent the money to modify their systems to meet... read more

Tackling the cybersecurity challenge

30th May 2014

Company: bobsguide
Cybersecurity is no longer a mere compliance matter.  It is one of the primary business imperatives that financial services firms must address.  According to the latest 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report cyber espionage is on the rise and use of stolen or misused credentials is still the leading way cybercriminals gain access... read more

Spanish Clearing, Settlement and Registry System Reform: The countdown has begun

29th May 2014

The revolution Spain is facing today is due to a huge wave of regulatory and operational changes which will have a profound effect on the local market infrastructure. With the Reform, the Spanish Registry, Clearing and Settlement System will fall in line with the rest of European Systems, which will improve competitiveness and will lead to Spain... read more

Nordics Trading Briefing Review/Wrap Up

29th May 2014

On Thursday 15th May, the FIX Trading Community hosted its annual Nordics Trading Briefing at the Berns Hotel, Stockholm. Close to 230 delegates attended this year’s event as it once again proved to be as popular as before with an agenda aimed at encouraging lively debate. Unlike the Americas Conference in February, the weather was extremely... read more

Why the “middleman” is critical to the future of payments

28th May 2014

Company: Global Payments
The rapid and unprecedented advancement of personal technology has changed our lives in many ways. One impact of this has been to provide individuals with the tools they need to accomplish tasks for which they may have once needed a third party. This has been especially apparent in financial services. Take peer-to-peer lending for example.... read more

SA-CCR-ebleu! Basel finalises new Standardised Approach for measuring Counterparty Credit Risk Exposures

27th May 2014

Company: FIS
On 31 March 2014 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published a final paper mandating a new standardised (non-internal models) calculation of counterparty exposure at default (EAD) that feeds into the overall Basel capital adequacy framework. This gives regard to the feedback received from respondents (including SunGard) to the BCBS... read more

Eating The Frog

23rd May 2014

Company: Fonetic
This is something we should all be doing when we first settle down at our desks in the morning. It’s something that needs to happen before we’ve brewed our first pot of coffee or eaten our cornflakes. No matter how unpleasant or uncomfortable the sensation, we should all be eating the frog. For those of you scratching your heads and... read more

How to Optimize Java’s Value in a Real Time Environment

22nd May 2014

The State of Play Trading at high speed can deliver impressive returns but a single bottleneck or mistimed trade can be devastating. The need to respond to shifts within highly automated markets has never been more critical. Now more than ever, organizations must ensure that the latency between an order being sent and processed is as low as... read more