Trust-based Security: A Foundation for Compliance and Advanced Threat Protection

6th May 2014

Company: Bit9
Introduction All organisations that accept and process customer payment cards are challenged to maintain and demonstrate compliance with the latest PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), known as version 3.0. However, those organisations deploying endpoint security based on detecting known malware— known in the industry as a... read more

Selling Security

2nd May 2014

Company: Arbor Networks
The threats facing network operators all over the world, spanning service providers, enterprises, cloud and hosting providers and mobile operators alike, are by no means stalling. While optimism is always the name of the game, we know all too well in security that keeping pace with the slew of attack vectors out there today is an unfortunate... read more

Defence against the cyber security storm - taking an active approach to risk management

1st May 2014

Company: NTT Com Security
Earlier this year, the UK’s flood defences were tested to their limit, and equally businesses today are being forced to hold back a flood of increasingly sophisticated security attacks to protect information assets. Cybercrime, like the weather, is often unpredictable, but organisations can survive this flood by making risk-based decisions... read more

How banks are successfully developing and launching mobile payments apps

1st May 2014

Company: SQS UK
Flexibility, speed and quality are the cornerstones of building, successful, innovative and effective mobile payments app and software development. However with the complex mobile payments eco-system and fast pace of development, the possibilities for software quality failures are high and can impose security risks, damage brands, cause... read more

The battle over mobile payments

30th April 2014

Company: Fujitsu
As the mobile device landscape continues to change and devices become increasingly attractive for the consumer, it has never been easier to use mobile payments. Consumers are now able to shop and control their money on the move, from virtually any device at any time making mobile payments vital to the nation’s infrastructure and crucial to a... read more

Client Money and Assets Protection - the reason for being in Financial Services and yet...

29th April 2014

Company: AutoRek
The issue It’s a long established principle in Financial Services all over the world that an institution should protect its clients’ assets. You’d think it didn’t even need written down. Yet, the principle appears not to be held so dearly as customers and regulators would hope. As a consequence, a plethora of very... read more

Digitisation of Payments: Can we stop the creaks from turning into cracks?

28th April 2014

Barely a day goes by without hearing another story about how the latest innovation will transform the way consumers pay for goods and services. We hear about industry disruptors such as Square, we hear about how the rise of mobile point of sale devices will enable every micro-business to accept card payments. We hear about how the combination of... read more

Planning for Success, not for Failure

25th April 2014

Company: Certeco
Much work has been done around the issue of technology project failure. Failure rate estimates range from 10 per cent to a whopping 85 per cent in terms of the corporate tech projects that fail to achieve their goals. So why is this? Over the years, different organisations and industries, academics and analysts have explored the reasons why so many... read more

Levels of implementation of the AIFMD directive

24th April 2014

Company: StatPro Group
When the AIFMD came into force on 21 July 2011 that was not the end of the process – just the end of the beginning. The next phase was the implementation of the many facets of the legislation. Some milestones have passed but some are approaching – and the time to act is now. Implementation of the Directive has taken place in four... read more

IT in Islamic Banking – A Comparative Analysis

23rd April 2014

Company: Path Solutions
Islamic banking is gaining momentum in traditional as well as in non-traditional markets and the industry is likely to maintain the current trajectory in foreseeable future. In many regions, Islamic banking has evolved from being an emerging ethical niche market into being part of the mainstream financial services landscape. According to a 2012... read more