How payment facilitators will continue to disrupt the acquiring market in 2018

8th January 2018

Square, Stripe, and PayPal have become the poster children for the new era of payment facilitation. Less than ten years ago, these technology-focused disruptors entered the market with a fiercely underestimated growth potential. After all, how could offering product solutions built for micro-merchants make a significant dent in the... read more

Overcoming technology hurdles in banks

5th January 2018

Company: SwapsTech
Every new day dawns on anachronistic banking systems replete with crippled systems, manual work and a plethora of paperwork and spreadsheets. Weary bankers are saddled with mind-numbing work, having to put up with obsolete systems that are people and paper centric.      Many of these defunct systems are doctored by temporary... read more

Can fintechs maintain their edge in an industry that won’t stop disrupting itself?

5th January 2018

Company: Oakam
The financial services industry has entered the Age of the Customer -- in this era, the singular goal is to delight. With offerings that are faster, better and cheaper, new fintech entrants have the edge over traditional institutions who struggle to keep pace with consumers’ rising expectations around service. Yet this is not the first or... read more

Has the financial services landscape already changed following MiFID II implementation?

4th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
With any and all significant legislation, the industry have voiced their opinions on MiFID II as the deadline came and went. The concerns, challenges and expectations from various industry leaders have been collated below.   Yesterday, January 3, marked the seven year wait for the sequel legislation that builds upon the groundwork... read more

Digital treasury: A future state vision

4th January 2018

Company: PwC
Authors: Eric Cohen - Principal, Adam Taplinger - Director, Jim McCormick - Manager, and Rachel Blumenthal - Consultant, all PWC For many of us, digital, mobile and cloud technologies have become integral to our daily lives with hand-held devices emerging as new, digital appendages. As we look to the horizon, emerging products and... read more

ING’s blockchain specialist outlines tech’s developments

3rd January 2018

Company: bobsguide
Senior Program Manager of Blockchain at ING, Mariana Gomez de la Villa, spoke to bobsguide about receiving a personal email from Vitalik Buterin in response to her team’s ZKRP contribution to the blockchain ecosystem.  How did you come to be the Senior Program Manager of blockchain at ING? I come from the payments world and never... read more

Moving beyond experiments to solving payments in capital markets with blockchains

3rd January 2018

Company: Baton Systems
Arjun Jayaram, Founder & CEO, Baton Systems It has been no secret that banks are thoroughly testing blockchain applications and some have even begun to apply the technology to key business ventures. However, while most would agree that innovation is pivotal to global banking’s evolution, the last few years of “blockchain... read more

How the challenger bank landscape will change in 2018

2nd January 2018

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide sat down with Sarah Jackson, Director, Equiniti Credit Services to discuss what 2018 has in store for challenger banks. Does the term ‘challenger bank’ mean the same thing it did three years ago? The term has evolved. It used to mean any financial institution that wasn’t one of the high-street banks, but it... read more

Why digital transformation must be an organisation's top priority in 2018

2nd January 2018

What the heck is digital? In 2018 digital transformation will become the number one business priority. But what is it? I was actually asked this question on Bloomberg Radio earlier this year, when the host asked me, “what the heck is “digital”? Isn’t this the same as what organisations have already been doing? Well, the... read more

How loyal customers end up on invoice fraud’s ‘carousel of criminality’

2nd January 2018

Aaron Hughes – Managing Director, Equiniti Riskfactor Invoice finance, where a company secures borrowing against the money it is already owed by its customers, is now the preferred method of business lending. It outstrips overdraft lending to SMEs and suits increasing numbers of businesses in the service-led economy, where debtors are... read more