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Why is fintech flourishing in Singapore? Fidor CEO maps out innovation

4th December 2017

Company: Fidor
With all of the talk about how London’s fintech scene is likely to fare after the UK leaves the European Union, you could be fooled into thinking that it was the global capital for this particular tech industry sector. However, some of the most exciting innovations in fintech are actually taking place more than 10,000 kilometers away. ... read more

Influencer Interview: Part 2, Chris Gledhill roadmapping PSD2 and 2018 banking

27th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
The second part of the 'Influencer interview' with Chris Gledhill looks at the specificities of how Neural Network AIs will change the financial landscape, whilst Chris also takes a shot at mapping how PSD2 will pan out.  Will the neural network AIs replace the human doing the credit scoring then? Neural network AIs will have... read more

Sibos 2017 Day 1 highlights: AI in the back office and managing changes in the payments industry

17th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
Panel discussion: Helping your clients manage changes in the payments industry Moderator Edmund Esch, Managing Director and Head of Strategy at BNY Mellon, quizzed panellists on how global initiatives can modernize the payments industry. He kicked off the discussion by asking panellists Tomas Moberg from Nordea Bank, Shane Marsh from ANZ Banking... read more

Owning the fintech innovation roadmap: Broadridge global CMO Deborah Bussiere interview

10th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide sat down with Deborah Bussiere, global chief marketing officer of Broadridge Financial Solutions, to discuss the unique challenges of marketing a large fintech, whilst she also lets us in on her ‘secret recipe’ to marketing success. How did you come to work for Broadridge? I spent my first 15 years on Wall Street,... read more

The Emerging Payments Awards 2017: Who won what?

6th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
The Emerging Payments Awards ceremony celebrated its 10th year in 2017 last night by bringing together industry leaders and over 650 payments professionals for a night dedicated to recognising the payment ecosystem’s best. After much deliberation, the following entries were rewarded on the night by a judging panel of 28 of the most... read more

Fintech's role in financial services' drive for operational efficiencies

3rd October 2017

The global financial crisis of 2008 fundamentally changed the operating landscape for capital markets players, creating a challenging environment of volatile markets and new regulatory barriers. From a market perspective, things are beginning to improve and new opportunities are unfolding as banks benefit from stronger economic growth and buoyant... read more

Broadridge President Eric Bernstein interview: The future of Asset Management Pt.1

27th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Earlier this year Broadridge appointed former Wall Street trader and fintech pioneer Eric Bernstein to the position of President of its asset management solutions division. In an exclusive interview with bobsguide, Eric discusses his take on the future of asset management, including why he believes the industry has overreacted to the impending... read more

Software doesn’t grow on trees: Managing digital business spending

8th August 2017

Digital technologies are revolutionising the way that businesses operate. Research conducted by Gartner illustrated the rapid adoption rate of digital transformation, with just under half of CEOs stating that the board of directors is challenging them to make progress in digital business, with 56 per cent stating that the digital investments are... read more

Global relief at source: The tax gold standard?

24th July 2017

Company: GlobeTax
Right time, right place? The EU Tax Barriers Business Advisory Group (TBBAG) calculated in 2013 that annually, roughly €5.47bn in recoverable tax is retained by EU tax authorities. That figure has continued to climb as investors increasingly diversify their portfolios across a wider selection of asset classes and markets. In recent years,... read more

Why employees can pose the greatest security threat to financial services

13th July 2017

Company: ZoneFox
We all know an exemplary and hardworking employee at our place of work. Let’s use the fictional Caroline for example, who works at R.G. Financial Solutions. She’s a respected project manager; the grease that keeps many of the gears turning at the firm. But with so much on her plate, Caroline can sometimes be a bit scattered. Often... read more