Insurance Systems Insights


Why understanding the voice of the customer reaps long-term dividends

16th March 2018

Company: Clarabridge
Over the last few years the financial services sector has made significant improvements in the decisions it makes that affect customers. The major fines that resulted in big newspaper headlines a decade ago have dwindled, but at the same time customers still lack trust. A YouGov poll last year found that more than half of British consumers (55%)... read more

How NatWest is using AI to restore customer trust

22nd February 2018

Company: bobsguide
Dave Beach spoke to Joanne Smith, CEO of Recordsure, and Annamaria Jatta, Strategy and Innovation Leader at RBS, about how NatWest is piloting Recordsure’s AI technology in their telephony channels with GDPR and customer trust in mind. NatWest began successfully trialling the Recordsure compliance tool in June 2017 to improve and monitor... read more

The 2018 Fintech conferences not to miss

20th February 2018

Company: bobsguide
Conferencing is a key part of the fintech industry and the only way to stay up to date with the ever quickening pace of technological change in your sector.  This list provides you with all the dates, prices and event bios all in one, handy place. Be sure to bookmark this page as we will be updating when and where event information is... read more

Learning about large scale disruption from incumbents

5th December 2017

Company: SSP
Innovation is not the prerogative of start-ups – indeed many of today's incumbents were the start-ups of yesterday. With disruption being the focal point of the numerous digital initiatives that we are seeing across a number of industries, incumbents are taking steps to revolutionise our world. So what does it take to innovate with the... read more

How In-Memory Computing can help insurance companies thrive in the face of rapid change

29th November 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
Along with most industries that rely on technology, the insurance industry faces great challenges and opportunities. Technology-powered capabilities, such as online and mobile apps, smart contracts, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and telematics, offer new ways to engage customers, streamline internal processes and improve risk assessment. At the... read more

Evolution not revolution: How better customer data is at the heart of insurtech

14th November 2017

Company: SSP
It's often said we are on the brink of a technological revolution, where every aspect of our lives will be changed beyond recognition by AI and other high-tech developments. All this talk about the big tomorrow makes it seem that someone will throw a giant switch whereby technology is not relevant one day, and then is the next. This is, of... read more

Why integrated commercial lines e-trading matters

30th October 2017

Company: SSP
Despite incremental growth in other channels, brokers still distributed 77.1% (£12.5bn) of commercial insurance in 2016, and are forecast to remain dominant in 2021, with 76.6% of the market according to GlobalData forecasts. The importance of commercial e-trading Insurers need to make it as easy as possible for brokers to do business... read more

Are AI and blockchain the future of trade credit?

19th October 2017

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide spoke to Jérôme Pezé, CEO of Tinubu Square, the SaaS trade credit firm. Jérôme talks us through the trade credit landscape How did Tinubu Square launch? I started my career in the Paribas Group in trade finance. I then moved to Arthur Andersen, the audit firm, where I worked as a CTA. After... read more

Throwing down the disruption gauntlet in insurtech

28th September 2017

Company: bobsguide
Alberto Chierici, CPO of SPIXII, a fintech specialising in chatbot technology, spoke to bobsguide about the insurtech landscape, its pioneering UX solution, and the company's plans for major insurance disruption in 2018.  How did you and SPIXII find its way into insurance? I am one of the three co-founders of SPIXII. I take care of... read more