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Commercial Bank of Dubai enables customers to make transactions through Facebook

16th October 2014

Company: bobsguide
The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has launched a Facebook initiatve which enables UAE residents to make bank transactions from their Facebook page. This move makes CBD one of the few banks across the world to allow users to manage their bank accounts through their Facebook accounts. CBD online banking customers with a Facebook account can now... read more

Africa: the golden digital currency opportunity?

16th October 2014

Transport and technology limitations in sub-Saharan Africa has led to 80% of the population being considered ‘unbanked’. Much has been made of African consumers and businesses’ openness to innovation, illustrated by the expanding footprint of mobile money. Despite 80% of the Africans have access to mobile phones or other online... read more

Interview: Verizon develops new QR code for simpler and stronger online protection

13th October 2014

Company: bobsguide
Security is the backbone of the financial services industry. In a time when consumers are demanding a more secure and seamless online experience, Verizon has developed a new QR code login which provides website visitors with quick and secure access. The QR code login allows users to quickly scan a QR code on a participating website with their... read more

Innovation is essential but we keep coming back to the old chestnuts - Integration and Automation

3rd October 2014

Company: SWIFT
The financial services industry is awash with innovation which is creating a great number of new opportunities, helping us break down barriers and stimulate business growth. It’s a great driver and tremendous motivating factor, sometimes innovation springs from within our institutions and other times our customers force our hand with their... read more

Sibos Day 4: The role of women in finance and final thoughts from Sibos 2014

2nd October 2014

Company: bobsguide
On the final day of Sibos, discussions focused on topics such as gender equality in the financial sector and the general consensus was still that banks need to step out of their comfort zone and consider collaboration and innovation outside of the banking sector. Today's session, Women in Finance: A Global Perspective highlighted that the... read more

Sibos Day 3: Can banks handle the pressure?

2nd October 2014

Company: bobsguide
Financial institutions are under immense pressure to digitalise, become regulatory compliant, innovate, focus on customer and client-centricity, and keep up with payments in their own countries and cross-border. Increasing transparency has been a central issue for banks over the past few years.  Regulators are putting pressure on banks to... read more

Sibos Day 2: Does regulation drive innovation?

30th September 2014

Company: bobsguide
One of the biggest challenges facing the banking industry is regulatory compliance. At Sibos 2014, a key topic up for discussion is ISO 20022 (the standard for financial service messaging). Banks often find it difficult to keep up with and implement regulatory changes, and at Sibos the general attitude is either for or against regulation. Some... read more

An introduction to SWIFT and Sibos

29th September 2014

Company: SWIFT
As the major players from the banking, corporate and payments sectors discuss the key topics facing the financial services industry at Sibos (the annual banking seminar held by SWIFT) this week, bobsguide talks to Neil Gray, Senior Manager, Corporate Business – EMEA, SWIFT UK, about the history of SWIFT and keeping the financial services... read more

Sibos Topic 4: The future of payments

26th September 2014

Company: bobsguide
Last week bobsguide reported on the benefits of Cloud Computing, a key topic up for discussion at Sibos this year. This week, in bobsguide’s final Sibos feature, we delve deeper into the future of payments. The surge of innovation within the payments industry is driving a shift in the way we make payments. Paying by cash and cheque is... read more

Thread or dead

4th September 2014

Company: Boomerang
As a modern Mark Twain may once have said: rumours of the death of SMS are greatly exaggerated. With more than six billion global users and revenues of around $135 billion each year, SMS is now so ubiquitous that it’s expected to remain the industry standard messaging channel for the next decade. Yet despite this, prophets of doom are still... read more