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The hidden costs of capital

18th June 2014

Company: OpenGamma
There are few more pressing challenges to banks than the use of capital. Given this, it is surprising that there is no broadly-accepted measure for calculating the cost of margin posted across the major clearing houses for derivatives trades. It’s non-trivial, as well over $100 billion of bank assets are held at the largest clearers as... read more

LEI - establishing increased transparency around financial transactions

17th June 2014

The global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is well on its way to establishing more transparency around financial transactions and the global financial markets. Implementation will highlight some specific data management challenges but its benefits for financial institutions and firms are wider reaching than simply reporting to regulators. ... read more

Balancing Desires: Faster Trading, Advanced Strategies and Operational Risk

16th June 2014

Company: Velocimetrics
In a world where successful execution is vitally important, the need for speed has been a dominant force driving technology investment over recent years.  Market evolution over this period has been significant and the definition of ‘fast’ has certainly moved up a notch or two.  To keep up the pace firms have progressively... read more

The Importance of High-Throughput Computing: A Q&A with OptionsCity’s CTO, Victor Glava

9th June 2014

Thanks to 60 Minutes – and the new Michael Lewis book – the “Race to Zero” latency vaulted into the mainstream news. If you view trading firms as they were presented in Flash Boys, the only thing a firm needs to be successful in trading is the fastest execution system. However, that could not be farther from the truth.... read more

Trading technology platforms need to change with the times

6th June 2014

Underlying trading technology platforms need to undergo a radical transformation, particularly in today’s dynamic and transparent wealth management environment.  Legacy systems were developed to fit trading systems and styles of the past, but they are becoming increasingly problematic and costly to operate and maintain in line with the... read more

Cloud security – choosing the right partner

3rd June 2014

In the early days of cloud adoption the overriding concern for any organisation wishing to migrate data, applications or operations to the cloud was security. The cloud space was new, presenting almost as many challenges to businesses as it did benefits. Now, however, cloud is being more widely adopted, even on a consumer level, and while there... read more

The run-up to T2S

2nd June 2014

Company: bobsguide
Target2-Securities (T2S) will fall short of expectations when/if it launches on schedule in 2015. Rather than rationalising the number of central securities depositories (CSD), it will leave them all intact, at least until market forces take their toll. But that will occur only after they have spent the money to modify their systems to meet... read more

How to Optimize Java’s Value in a Real Time Environment

22nd May 2014

The State of Play Trading at high speed can deliver impressive returns but a single bottleneck or mistimed trade can be devastating. The need to respond to shifts within highly automated markets has never been more critical. Now more than ever, organizations must ensure that the latency between an order being sent and processed is as low as... read more

And now for some good banking news!

16th May 2014

Company: Featurespace
Banks have done more than most industries to safeguard their customers and need to be congratulated for the huge investment and effort that has gone into protecting their customers’ deposits from a range of attacks. The fraud outbreaks are both internal and external, ranging from an individual lone trader to tech syndicates dreaming up the... read more

Incorporating Cyber Security into Business

12th May 2014

Company: Cisco Systems
The cost of cyber security breaches for British businesses totals billions of pounds.  This cost has tripled over the past year, as attacks on customer data and, increasingly, intellectual property, appear unstoppable.  According to a recent report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, eighty-seven per cent of small... read more