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Cloud Computing helps to accelerate DevOps

29th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
“DevOps” is one of those tech industry buzzwords that is mentioned everywhere but is often misunderstood. The term seems to have lost its true meaning and if you asked ten different industry professionals to define it, you would get ten different answers. Although a precise definition is still elusive, bobsguide provides greater insight... read more

The price you pay for lax data security

28th July 2014

Company: Imprima
Whether it’s user data within large companies or highly sensitive company financial information, data breaches can be incredibly costly to a business. For financial organisations of all sizes, such sensitive information can mean the life or death of the business and the security of that data should be prioritised accordingly. As increasing... read more

Innovative Cloud Solutions for Financial Services

25th July 2014

Company: Microsoft
Financial services executives are looking for ways to meet shareholder demands to improve the bottom-line as they face fluctuating customer loyalty, wafer-thin margins, and low growth in traditional businesses. Add to that the high regulatory scrutiny and ever-changing risk management and regulatory requirements that are having a huge impact on... read more

Financial institutions should prepare now for the implications of IFRS 9

23rd July 2014

Company: bobsguide
2018 and the years leading up to it are going to be extremely busy for financial institutions if the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) have anything to do with it. The application of IFRS 9 was confirmed by the IASB this year with tentative dates of 1 January 2018. The new standard developed by the IASB, an independent... read more

Tokenization: The Future of Payments Security?

22nd July 2014

Company: RS Software
Background The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud via its exposure.From nearly the beginning of its introduction, the standard has been criticised for the expense associated with annual certification and for security being less than... read more

The rise of the software-defined bank

9th July 2014

Company: AppDynamics
Software will play a fundamental role in the future of UK retail banking. Mobile apps and other digital services are becoming one of the main decision criteria, as customers vote with their feet and fingers and eschew local branches for their day-to-day banking. A 2013 study by Nottingham University shows that 40 per cent of all UK bank and... read more

Is FATCA making banking more transparent or more complicated?

4th July 2014

Company: bobsguide
America’s global tax law, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), came into force on July 1st 2014 to uncover US national’s undeclared money sitting in foreign banks. FATCA intends to improve banking transparency and twinned with the fact the US is the only large economy that taxes citizens on their overseas earnings, the act has... read more

Moving to the cloud

1st July 2014

Company: bobsguide
As Cloud Computing continues to grow and more B2B organisations move to the cloud, many companies in the financial services sector still have concerns about the security of data. Industry experts believe that Cloud Computing has the ability to revolutionise the entire computer industry and cloud is continuing to transform the way organisations do... read more

Ageing systems affecting your operational risk

25th June 2014

In recent times, financial institutions and regulators alike have invested a great deal of time and effort in tightening up their risk monitoring and reporting capabilities. The importance now afforded to risk management is no coincidence however, with all parties agreed that a return to the dangerous levels of exposure across the market... read more

Avention leads the way in solving Big Data dilemmas

20th June 2014

Company: bobsguide
In a time when people are drowning in Big Data, companies across the financial services sector are looking for new ways to utilise this data and hone in on target markets. Scott Lutter, Head of Sales at Avention, talks to bobsguide about how Avention is helping to drive innovation and change the way that companies view and utilise their data. ... read more