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Fostering innovation through academic research

Fostering innovation through academic research

6th December 2011

Company: OneMarketData
By Louis Lovas, director of Solutions, OneMarketDataResearch is the cornerstone of technological change and innovation. Research is the process by which science investigates and analyses to yield conclusions - sometimes an ascribed hypothesis of some phenomena in pursuit of the facts, or often a stated theory as the explanation of the facts. As... read more
Liquidity risk management to boost performance

Liquidity risk management to boost performance

5th December 2011

By Nancy Masschelein, head of Product Strategy, FinArch and Nele Matthys, business analyst, Product Strategy, FinArch The financial crisis revealed weaknesses in liquidity risk programs at financial institutionsThe causes and the unfolding of the financial crisis have highlighted a number of concerns and issues for practitioners, policy makers as... read more
Payment & collection factories: new treasury potential?

Payment & collection factories: new treasury potential?

30th November 2011

Company: CGI
Many organisations are considering the case for centralising payments and collections in a shared service centre - a payment factory. Garry Young, Logica’s director of corporate services and SaaS, discusses the drivers behind corporate payments change. He also examines the cash visibility, control and efficiency benefits that can be realised from... read more

Getting social in the financial industry - putting the customer at the heart of business strategy

22nd November 2011

Company: IBM
By Gerry Mellett, product executive of financial services industry sales at IBMThe finance industry has long been regarded as complex, restrained by regulation and too internally focused, paying more attention to its own development than providing the financial products and services that customers are looking for. However, in today’s economic... read more

Money via the airwaves: mobile remittance connects with the world

21st November 2011

Company: EastNets
By Hazem Mulhim, CEO, EastNetsThe airwaves as a wallet. A relatively new technology called ‘mobile remittance’ offers just that: the convenience of sending money from anywhere in the world, at any time, via cellular networks. Mobile remittance is a part of the mobile payments movement that has swept through many parts of Asia and Europe. The... read more
FSA mobile regulations - the key challenges for financial services firms

FSA mobile regulations - the key challenges for financial services firms

14th November 2011

Company: bobsguide
Telephone calls and electronic messages have been the focus of scrutiny from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) since March 2009 - but these regulations are now due to see a significant change. The FSA’s phone recording rules will be updated on Monday 14 November to include all interactions conducted on mobile, which was exempt from the... read more
Escaping the walled garden

Escaping the walled garden

9th November 2011

Company: Finastra
Non-traditional players are stealing the banking agenda. To stay relevant, financial services organisations need to start delivering genuinely innovative and useful services based on the best of mobile technology and social media.By Tim Tyler, solution director, Social and Mobile, MisysFor all the talk of online banking, the exciting role of mobile... read more
mCommerce for everyone

mCommerce for everyone

28th September 2011

Company: Sybase
By Tarik Husain, business development director, mCommerce, Sybase 365The markets might vary across regions, but all customers want more and richer mobile services that are useful and easy to use.Many people think mCommerce will happen at some point in the future, but mCommerce is happening right now. It is in its infancy everywhere, and each... read more
Why collateral management has become the new buzzword

Why collateral management has become the new buzzword

22nd September 2011

Company: ActiveViam
Allen Whipple, US director, Quartet FS. Collateral sufficiency is a well established risk management process but has become a growing concern for the financial community in recent years. Thanks to regulatory initiatives, as well as the increasing complexity arising from the large and ever-growing volumes of collateralised deals, banks need a... read more

Taking on the modern day financial criminal: How banks are fighting back

21st September 2011

Company: Fiserv
by Erik Stein, vice-president, Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions, FiservFinancial crime is at an all time high and regulators are increasing the pressure on financial institutions to take more preventive measures. To mitigate loss, improve customer service and soothe regulators, financial institutions need to re-think their strategy for... read more