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How DLT can be used to achieve GDPR compliance

5th April 2018

Company: FIS
Distributed Ledger Technology and the General Data Protection Regulation can be like in-laws. The former, complex, the latter for many, downright scary. But together they can become the perfect parents, the foundation for next-generation data management and financial services. The need to demonstrate secure data storage and consented data... read more

The truth behind voice biometrics and banking

5th April 2018

Company: bobsguide
Advocates of biometrics would have us believe in some dystopian future where customers have microchips embedded in their palm for seamless payments. But what are the real use cases for biometrics beyond what is a far-off sci-fi fantasy? Well, at least 6+ months far off. The customer-centric trend continues to grip retail banking, as any... read more

Creating efficiencies and reducing operational risk with an investment book of record

3rd April 2018

In a recent bobsguide article we discussed the changing role of the buy-side middle office. An increasingly critical middle office function is delivering accurate and timely position data to the front office and ensuring redundancy with outsourced back-office services. This article discusses the operational, regulatory and competitive drivers... read more

Editor’s picks: the financial industry’s response to GDPR

2nd April 2018

Company: bobsguide
In which department does GDPR sit? How will GDPR affect me? What happens if I’m breached? What are the fines? No, really, what are the fines? Thus reads the internet history of any number of data protection officers in the financial industry. May 25th, implementation day, is 56 days away. As part of our ritual (and sadistic) reminders,... read more

Banks are not the answer: How blockchain can bank the unbanked

28th March 2018

Company: Veridium
With the number of mobile phone users in the world expected to pass five billion by 2019, one would think that, regardless of geography or economic status, every adult would be granted the same services, applications and opportunities. Yet, one major service that is not universal is access to affordable, quality banking. But what may come as a... read more

Digital onboarding: The Missing link in GDPR compliance

20th March 2018

As the May 25 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance looms, financial institutions are busily preparing to offer their customers better data protection and consent options. The market trend seems to be prioritizing and investing in front-end systems first, before turning attention to back-end systems. There are two main reasons for this; the first is... read more

Digital disruption or a digital renaissance for wealth managers? | Event omnibus

20th March 2018

Company: bobsguide
bobsguide reporter, Dave Beach, recently attended the Objectway 2018 wealth management conference in Rome. After a great pollo parmiggiano and a tour of the Sistine Chapel he made his way to the conference with one question in mind: What’s up with wealth management digitisation? Slow to the digital party? Wealth management technology... read more

Using AI to enhance customer experience

19th March 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already become an everyday part of our lives. We use it at work and at home - often without even realizing it. AI is evolving now in all industries especially in the banking sector, 2018 will showcase many projects and applications that are adopting AI to increase their performance and security in all terms. In... read more

The data forensics of regulatory investigation

19th March 2018

From our armchair viewing, we are all used to the themes of the more popular forensic TV series applying science with creative thinking processes, sometimes being out of the box, to arrive at a high confidence level conclusion of whodunnit, but are there any parallels with financial regulatory investigations? Well, at least we hope that no dead... read more

How banks can use data effectively | editor's picks

16th March 2018

Company: bobsguide
This editor's picks is all about the sexy world of data solutions and specifically how banks can get ahead using data correctly. Since 2015, we've seen many data enrichening technologies mature into mainstays in the banking technology landscape. 2018, as well as 2017, will be equally as important as greater data capability adoption become... read more