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Competing with robo-investors: putting the EI in AI

11th September 2018

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an exponential rate across the globe. In the UK, a Government Industrial Strategy is now in place to ensure its success and China’s government has recently revealed a plan committing the country to becoming the world’s dominant player in AI by 2030. Earlier this month, the Bank of... read more

MiFID II Transaction Reporting: where are we now?

10th September 2018

Company: AutoRek
It has been more than six months since the go-live of MiFID II and for most executing firms transaction reporting has become part and parcel of their operational workflows. For those working on transaction reporting, 2018 will have been a mixture of successes and frustrations. In the first half of this year the market data processor (MDP) has... read more

The Silk-Road in reverse: the QR code comeback in Europe

10th September 2018

Company: TAS Group
It seems a long time ago that QR (Quick-Response) codes were introduced to the world, appearing on everything from boarding passes to business cards. But they might just be coming into their own as a pan-European mobile payment solution, in a big way. In Asia’s emerging markets, consumer habit has largely been informed by the phenomenon of... read more

Thinking differently about data: the new opportunity for banks

3rd September 2018

Company: Finastra
Often described as the ‘new oil’ or even the currency of the digital economy, data is key to the business strategy of every organization. For banks, building an understanding of how to harness the variety, velocity and volumes of data available to them will dictate the difference between success and failure in the very near future. ... read more

Leveraging graph analytics to combat money laundering

31st August 2018

For banks and financial institutions across the world, cracking down on money laundering has never been more critical. Today global money laundering transactions comprise an estimated two to five percent of the global GDP - roughly $1 - 2 trn annually, according to PwC. The costs of non-compliance are high. US Bancorp was fined $613m in February... read more

Chief scientist applies forensic skills to TSB meltdown

30th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
In April 2018, the UK's TSB bank left up to 1.9m customers unable to access accounts, due to a botched system migration that was rushed, inadequately tested with poor internal communication. TSB, previously part of the Lloyds Banking Group was bought in 2015 by Sabadell Bank and was due to migrate to Sabadell's in-house system, Proteo,... read more

Case study: Nasdaq's troubleshooting to transformation

30th August 2018

Imagine taking a broker from 1869, stuffing them into a time machine and winding the clock forward by 100 years. Stepping out onto the exchange, they would be looking out on a familiar sight. The method for taking buy and sell orders and physically trading stock would be pretty much the same. Move forward a couple more years to 1971 however and... read more

"Gross negligence" accusations rife in bank transfers

29th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
The UK's Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has released a statement addressing fairness in scam complaints made against banks. Caroline Wayman, Chief Ombudsman wrote that banks often blame their customers of "gross negligence" despite "gross negligence" being more than just customer carelessness and incorrect account... read more

PayU's CCO on Ripple and the tech giants | Fintalk Podcast

28th August 2018

Company: bobsguide
In this episode of the Fintalk podcast, PaymentEye and bobsguide reporter Dave Beach sits down with Matthias Setzer, CCO of cross-border paytech, PayU. "I'm surprised to see the level of sophistication in some emerging markets today," says Setzer, before embarking on a journey around the world's emerging payments markets,... read more

Big banks at increasing risk of automated attacks

24th August 2018

The Bank of England Systemic Risk Survey for H1 2018 found that 62% of industry respondents cited cyberattacks as the greatest risk posed to the UK’s financial stability. Political risk (91%) and specifically Brexit (80%) came out on top. But while cyberattacks are firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of CIOs and CISOs, IT departments... read more