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Banks, you have 2 years to embrace technology

9th August 2016

Company: bobsguide
After completing an investigation on the retail banking market, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that consumers are paying more to bank but are not benefitting from the financial services that are available to them. The report said that “older and larger banks do not have to compete hard enough for customers’... read more

FIX Trading Community addressing regulation collaboratively

8th July 2016

FIX has been at the forefront of electronic trading for over two decades now. It is the de facto standard for multi asset trading across the globe. From its earliest incarnation as a protocol for routing orders between market participants, the ethos of collaboration and standardisation has been clear. In the financial industry, it is sometimes rare... read more

Building a new framework for secure communications

24th June 2016

Cyber crime has shown explosive growth over the past few years, and shows little sign of abating. At the same time, the way we use technology – and the way we work – is evolving at an equally breakneck speed. Balancing the needs of enhanced security without compromising versatility and flexibility is a major challenge facing  IT... read more

Branch Transformation: A closer look at what the future holds and what is already here

21st June 2016

Company: TAS Group
Innovation in branch transformation – that buzzword-laden catchphrase being heard, read and promoted everywhere online and at financial industry events. But what does it mean? Search the internet for information and you will find more buzzwords coupled with a lot of marketing jargon. As a marketer, I should be okay with this. However, I... read more

How to Balance Fraud Protection and Customer Friction in a Digital-First World

14th June 2016

Company: ThreatMetrix
Today’s consumers rely on digital channels more than ever before to engage with businesses across industries, including banking and e-commerce. For financial institutions specifically, the digital-first world offers an opportunity deliver convenience and create a more compelling and personalized customer experience while decreasing operating... read more

Sandboxes and the Fintech Footprint

7th June 2016

Company: bobsguide
After news that the Financial Conduct Authority is launching a regulatory sandbox, it poses the question of whether or not financial technology should be regulated and in turn, increases concerns about whether money management systems should be considered financial products or technology. A safe place for UK fintech Last month, as a part of... read more

Fraudsters Have Bigger Fish To Fry: From Phishing To Whaling, Scammers Are Going For Bigger Wins

24th May 2016

Cyber attackers have gained sophistication, capability and bravado over the recent years, resulting in some complex and well executed whaling attacks.    Last year a California-based networking technology firm, Ubiquiti Networks lost $46.7 million and Belgian Bank Crelan, lost over €70 million due to whaling scams.... read more

Simcorp Coric, StatPro and Acutate on self-service data in client reporting

12th May 2016

Company: Osney Media
In an increasingly digital world, some asset management companies are struggling to keep up with client requirements in terms of reporting. Along with performance reporting to deliver results and risk reporting to comply with increasing regulations, investment managers need to provide investor reporting that meets increasing client expectations. ... read more

Biometrics and trust in banking and payments

11th May 2016

Company: Zoloz
Trust is a key asset of successful financial services providers, and any move they make to damage that trust can have a broad impact on their business. It is therefore of utmost importance that the solutions they offer, particularly ones that protect their customers, are thoroughly vetted.    When new technologies enter the market, it... read more

The state of the banking industry in 2016, according to Strands

10th May 2016

Company: bobsguide
There has never been a time of greater change in the banking industry. Customer demands are changing rapidly and banks are under huge pressure to adapt their services in line with these expectations. Here we talk to Dr. Marc Torrens CIO, Luis Rodriguez VP Product Strategy and Albert Morales Product Manager at Strands about the state of the... read more