Asset Management Systems Insights


Eight key benefits of cloud technology for Client Lifecycle Management

27th November 2017

Company: Fenergo
Cloud technology has developed and evolved in line with the myths that surround it. Up until 15 months ago, banks were publicly reticent about transferring core banking services to the cloud for a number of regulatory and security concerns, including concerns over the confidentiality of data, lack of control of data, data breaches, as well as... read more

Adjusting strategies to cope with changes in the wealth management sector

27th November 2017

In an industry where there is a continual downwards pressure on fees and asset flows, the impact of shifting demographics and technology expectations are driving a step change in the user experience demanded by customers. IPBS looks at why wealth managers need to respond accordingly by reshaping products and services and investing in... read more

Halal Robo-Advisor – an impossible mission or an ignored jackpot?

22nd November 2017

Company: FA Solutions
Many processes have already been automated, thanks to technology, and now Robo-Advisors are gaining ground at the expense of their human counterparts. Will flesh-and-blood financial advisers become a thing of the past? The Robo-Advice industry is taking off in the U.S. and UK due to their low fees and low minimum capital required. Averaging an... read more

MiFID II transaction reporting: Are you ready? If not, why not?

22nd November 2017

Company: AutoRek
With 3 January 2018 fast approaching, the shots have been fired by the FCA! Last month, Merrill Lynch was fined £34.5m for failing to report transactions. The bank failed to report 68.5 million exchange traded derivative transactions from February 2014 onwards, in contravention with the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). ... read more

Understanding mortgage prepayment models

21st November 2017

U.S. agency residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) are the largest and most liquid securitized asset class in the world. Pooling thousands of individual mortgages into a standardized security lets investors easily gain exposure to this important asset class. RMBS provide an attractive yield relative to U.S. Treasuries with comparable credit... read more

Client communication best practice for asset management firms

16th November 2017

Company: FundCount
Planned or unplanned. Formalised or ad hoc, every business communicates with clients in some way. For years, asset management firms routinely churned out cookie-cutter accounting and investment reports and other communications to stakeholders. Little thought was given to the format, frequency, accessibility, delivery medium or other individual... read more

Bob’s Guide To… asset management systems: Our survey revealed

15th November 2017

Company: bobsguide
The latest survey in the Bob’s Guide To… series has been published today, and this time we want to know your opinions of the current asset management solutions market. For this survey we would like to ask all asset management professionals, vendors, and consultants from the bobsguide audience to complete the survey below, which will... read more

Are disruptive technologies a distraction to addressing the burden of legacy technology?

15th November 2017

Company: SimCorp
Market conditions have been less than kind to the asset management industry. Mounting regulatory pressures, the fee squeeze and a continuing low interest rate market have pushed firms to define themselves by their competitive edge. Agility is becoming an increasingly crucial goal for firms, whether it is being able to get new investment vehicles... read more

Derivatives: Turning risks into opportunities

14th November 2017

Company: Objectway
Derivatives are financial instruments that are often considered complex and much specialised. Derivatives enable full or partial protection against downside losses by creating short position that can cover unpredictable events. While investing in derivatives can be used for hedging, using them to invest in underweighted segments can also... read more

Implementation challenges remain for PSD2

13th November 2017

Company: DTracks Limited
MiFID II fixes a number of issues with the original legislation to improve robustness in the soundness of financial systems across member states. It is due to come into effect very soon and organisations have until just 3 January 2018 to get themselves ready for compliance with the directive. MiFID II addresses far more than equity, which was... read more