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‘Light Touch’ is now ‘Light the Touchpaper’

8th May 2015

Banking and Regulation (and undoubtedly these days it merits the capital ‘R’) increasingly seems to go together like bacon and eggs, Marks & Spencer, and perhaps even Chelsea and boring, with apologies to Mr Mourinho. Of course, ever since we all learnt the real implications of ‘sub-prime’, the halcyon era of... read more

Time for fresh thinking for the funds industry?

6th May 2015

Company: Calastone
Today’s consumer is heavily influenced by smart technology and the power of marketing suggestions. Can the funds industry adapt to these challenges and will it be fit to serve the investors of the future? The funds industry continues to keep scrupulously abreast of the issues it faces: namely regulation, distribution, value chain... read more

Innovative technology is the key to managing change

5th May 2015

Changing client expectations Clients today are increasingly using online technology and social media as part of their everyday lives. This change in behaviour is greatly influencing the expectations they have for their banks and wealth management firms. A trusting relationship which offers traditional services is imperative, but clients also... read more

The financial planning process

1st May 2015

Company: bobsguide
What’s the difference between financial planning and wealth management? Does it matter, and does anyone care? Interestingly, the FCA handbook includes neither phrase in their glossary of terms although both are widely used in the industry to mean similar but different things.  Rather than get into a semantic argument let me explain... read more

Capital markets study finds delays in connectivity lead to missed trading opportunities

24th April 2015

Company: bobsguide
A recent study by integrated IT infrastructure company Colt, shows that 49 per cent of buy-side and sell-side traders in US, Europe and Asia believe that delays in connecting to new markets results in missed trading opportunities, which impacts client relationships and as a result causes them to lose clients. According to the study, which was... read more

Asset managers to face stress testing

17th April 2015

Company: bobsguide
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for stress-testing for asset managers, an announcement which has raised questions about whether the sector could become regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). City Wire reports that the IMF believe the industry should come under greater scrutiny because asset managers pose a... read more

The Evolution of Investment Research

8th April 2015

Company: AlphaSense
Investment analysts generate the research and ideas that drive investment returns for financial firms that manage capital for the rest of us. Unfortunately, while analysts deal with a vast amount of information every day, the tools they have available tend to be painfully outdated. This leads to great inefficiencies when discovering and screening... read more

Investment in FinTech reaches $12.2 billion with Europe setting the pace

26th March 2015

Company: bobsguide
Research by management consulting and technology services provider, Accenture shows that investment in the global Fintech sector tripled to a huge $12.2bn (£8.2bn) last year and grew at triple the rate of VC investment. According to the research, the UK accounts for the largest share of European FinTech investment and Europe experienced... read more

Mutual Fund investors can now transact via WhatsApp

24th March 2015

Company: bobsguide
In an attempt to attract retail investors, mutual fund houses are using social media platforms such as WhatsApp and other messaging apps to facilitate transactions in mutual fund products. According to reports, the new facilities will help investors to buy and sell mutual fund products much faster and more easily. Many fund houses are already... read more

FinTech Innovation Awards 2015: Winners and Show Report

19th March 2015

Company: bobsguide
Last night, bobsguide and PaymentEye FinTech held the FinTech Innovation Awards 2015 (FIAs) at The Brewery, London. With over 400 industry experts and delegates in attendance, the awards honoured the highest achievements from the global financial and payments technology industries over the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are... read more