Axe Credit Portal - ACP

Axe Credit Portal

Axe Credit Portal (ACP) is a highly innovative and flexible solution used by financial institutions worldwide to enhance loan underwriting and credit appraisal effectiveness, to increase reactivity to customers, and to minimize risk. 

Faced with more and increasingly sophisticated customers, but often weighed down by manual processes or a too rigid legacy system, credit institutions can increase their efficiency, develop their market position and raise their profitability by further automating lending decisions and risk measurement techniques. To assist them, ACP is a highly flexible credit process automation solution suitable for all types of lending (corporate, SME, retail, leading, consumer finance…). 

ACP consists of three fully integrated solutions supported by common services for data management, integration, connectivity, alerts, messages, workflow and document management.

  • Axe Loan Life Cycle
    • Axe Credit  Management: streamline the whole application, appraisal, underwriting and approval process for all types of credit whatever the distribution channel or customer type
    • Axe Collateral Management: an independent or integrated collateral solution offering productivity gains and risk monitoring throughout the loan life cycle and collection process
    • Axe Collection: an independent or integrated collections solution for gathering event and loss data and for managing remedial activities for doubtful and non performing credits 
  •   Axe Scoring and Provisioning
    • Customer scoring, rating model delivery (PD/ORR, LGD, FRR) and rating model validation for all types of customers and asset types
    • Application & Behavioral Scoring
    • Credit Appraisal and Ratings workflows as part of the overall credit life cycle
    • Calculates expected loss, provisions and profitability
  •  Axe Portfolio & Limit Monitoring
    • Aggregate and report consolidated credit exposures using drill down and slice and dice by sector, country, rating.....
    • Set limits, early warning thresholds and manages excesses with alerts, messaging and remedial workflows


Business Benefits

ACP manages credit requests and risk-related information for more consistent and better informed decision making and firm-wide credit process optimisation.  It ensures full adherence with bank lending policies and processes as well as compliance with Basel II Pillar 2 in terms of controlling risk management processes.

Bank credit processes are often highly manual, prone to error and operational risk, and require input from many different stakeholders. Through automating key processes, ACP speeds up loan application and processing without sacrificing the quality of business decision-making.


Through ACP, banks can effectively manage the process cycle and bring together the competing interests of risk management, credit officers and lending managers though joining up disparate processes and automating the movement of essential tasks both within and outside of the firm. The full management of all credit application (right up to funds release), collateral and recovery processes is enabled.


ACP’s customers benefit from increased competitiveness, efficiency savings, lower operational risks and losses, as well as higher business volumes thanks to a more compelling customer value proposition. 



Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• N/A
Operating system
• N/A
Pricing structure
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User interface
• Web
Loan Origination, Workflow, Scoring, Credit Management, Collections, Servicing, Loan management