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The Complexity of the Financial Reporting Challenge

For fund administrators, producing financial reports is a time sensitive, resource intensive task that requires the collection of data from multiple sources, timely creation of reports, meticulous confirmation of accuracy and the ability to deliver electronic and print files to multiple locations in a variety of formats. In today’s information driven society, the demand for quick turnaround is intensified.

For fund complexes operating in multiple regulatory jurisdictions, the challenges of complying with multiple accounting, tax and regulatory regimes makes the challenge even more daunting.

Designed for Flexibility and User Accessibility

Unity Financial Reporting is an end-to-end solution which automates shareholder financial reporting – from the collection of holdings, marketing and general ledger data to the delivery of electronic files and print-ready* publication documents.

Leveraging the Unity centralized data hub and the combined functionality of three Unity products -- Unity™ Holdings, Unity™ Financial Statements and Unity™ Marketing -- Unity Financial Reporting is a global solution for financial reporting. Unity Financial Reporting is designed for flexible and easily maintainable reporting and to support multiple global accounting standards such as US, UK, Irish, and Luxembourg GAAP and IFRS, as well as various financial products.

Unity Financial Reporting enables users to automate the creation of:

  • Table of Contents
  • Managers Discussion (MD&A) – including charts and graphs
  • Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Financial Statements and Notes to Financial Statements – by importing general ledger data
  • Schedule of Investments – by importing an investment product’s underlying holdings data.
  • Expense Disclosure Calculation

Unity Financial Reporting accelerates the creation of statement documents, which allows you to:

  • Reduce Costs by automatically confirming that your financial report numbers are accurate and tie. This eliminates the need for redundant manual reviews and signing off on the checklist.
  • Eliminate Risk by validating information within and between reports automatically. This ensures that values foot and tie to other reports with “smart rounding” functionality.
  • Elevate Service Levels by delivering reports to internal and external clients faster through print-ready* financial reports and notes. This empowers users by enabling them to seamlessly integrate with common business applications such as Microsoft Word—without learning new tools.
  • Increase Scalability by creating financial reports in hours instead of days or weeks. Add new funds or additional share classes without the need to add more staff.
  • Control the financial reporting production process by automating the end-to-end collection, creation, confirmation and delivery of report data

Reporting for Every Application

Designed to support managed investments—such as mutual funds, alternative investments, and variable products—Unity Financial Reporting integrates seamlessly with common desktop business applications and lets you automatically create print-ready* shareholder reports from your existing desktop.

And because all data is stored in a centralized database and reused for multiple purposes, you can be confident that report data has been validated and controlled.

  • Collect — Automatically collect trial balance, holdings and marketing data and other contributing information from upstream systems and notify users when the data is ready.
  • Create— Assemble data into financial reports with user-maintained templates and easily make financial statement adjustments.
  • Confirm — Know that your numbers are correct by letting the system automatically review reports and notify users of exceptions to user-defined business rules.
  • Deliver— Generate reports instantaneously according to any schedule frequency and in various electronic and print-ready* formats.

The Unity™ Platform by Design

Unity Financial Reporting is part of the Unity™ platform, the comprehensive fund administration platform from Confluence. The Unity platform replaces multiple time-consuming, costly, and error-prone manual processes with the ability to achieve mass customization, process consolidation, and complete automation of vital reporting functions through a single source.

Each of the product solutions that comprise the Unity platform is available for installation as part of your company's technology infrastructure, or online for users who prefer a fully-hosted option.


* Print-ready output through Microsoft Word® files provides a reasonably similar but not exact replication of third-party typeset materials. Microsoft Word® is a trademark of its respective owner.


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Confluence is a global leader in investment data management and automation. Offering the industry’s only unified platform for fund administration, the Unity™ platform, Confluence is relied on by more than 40 percent of the leading investment firms worldwide.

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