13F Reporting

Our 13F solution takes the complexities of 13F Reporting and makes it a fully automated, quick, simple and transparent process. It is available as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive suite of regulatory reporting solutions.


About US SEC Form 13F

Institutional investment managers who hold at least $100 million in market value of qualifying securities are required to file a 13F Report within 45 days of each calendar quarter. It must be submitted in xml format via the SEC’s EDGAR platform.

Relevant securities are those published on the SEC website. The list is only available in pdf format and only based on Cusip, not Isin.


Product Overview

We offer one-click 13F Reporting, based on:

  • Translation of the SEC’s 13F pdf list into machine-readable format
  • Upload of the 13F list and auto-match via Cusip against portfolio holdings
  • Grouping holdings by issuer
  • Performance of all relevant exclusions, calculations and summations
  • Auto-population of the 13F Form appropriately, including with the official 13F Title of Class


  • On-going analysis of relevant AUM holdings in 13F securities
  • Transparent governance and validation checks


To find out more about our 13F solution, contact us for more information.

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