Numerix Oneview Asset Management

Numerix Oneview Asset Management

Unique Differentiators
Streaming real-time performance
All risk analytics, as well as P&L, positions and even shadow NAV are updated in real-time as the market data feed streams into the system, updating continuously with each change in market prices. These lightning-fast analytics can be especially valuable to traders and portfolio managers for pre-trade decision support and risk management in fast moving markets.

Highly flexible & customizable dashboards
The platform includes a spreadsheet-like workbench with real-time data feeds and pricing and risk functions, so users can design and build any kind of real-time dashboard they need. From basic market monitors, to curve analyzers, to scenario analysis grids, to real-time risk and limit alerts – use your imagination to build whatever you want. However, unlike spreadsheets, the workbench tracks all changes plus provides full access and collaboration control, to dramatically reduce the operational risk relative to spreadsheets.

Comprehensive back office functionality
From exchange traded and OTC trade workflow and tracking, trade confirmation and reconciliations, cash and collateral management, to real-time NAV calculation and P&L attribution, Oneview Asset Management provides a complete back office solution. The platform provides real-time monitoring of all trade feeds to and from multiple Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators and electronic confirmation platforms, as well as fully automated reconciliations to reduce processing times and minimize operational risk.


Real-time portfolio management, risk management, and back office processing – all in one solution
Hedge funds and other asset managers are increasingly turning to new technology to provide them with faster and more accurate views into their business. Long gone are the days of end-of-day reports from clunky legacy systems – staff in all areas of the business need insightful information NOW, not tomorrow, to support the best and fastest decisions as they seek to generate alpha while managing risk.

Oneview Asset Management provides investment managers with holistic and real-time views into every step of the investment process – from trade capture, performance monitoring and risk management, through to back office processing and fund accounting. With unparalleled real-time performance and comprehensive cross-asset class coverage, firms can trade any market or instrument they want to and be confident the system can give them the information they need, when they need it, from front to back office.

Oneview Asset Management Highlights

  • Built from the ground up for fund managers, but with sell-side quality analytics and the widest asset class coverage of buy side-oriented systems
  • Asset coverage includes equities, interest rates, FX, money markets, credit, commodities, MBS, inflation, cash securities, exchange traded instruments, and OTC derivatives
  • Real-time distributed architecture provides fast performance and outstanding scalability, even for large portfolios with OTC derivatives
  • Deployed as a hosted service in a private cloud, which facilitates rapid installations, streamlined updates, high operational efficiency, and low total cost of ownership compared
  • to on-premise software
  • Out-of-the-box interfaces to upstream/downstream systems, including data vendors, trading platforms, Prime Brokers and Fund Administrators, enable the automation of workflows and manual processes such as trade capture and third party reconciliations
  • Complete front-to-back system provides startup funds with the robust technology infrastructure they need to launch and thrive, while enabling future growth and operational scalability in terms of launching new funds and trading new markets and instruments
  • Advanced risk capabilities such as real-time Greeks, historical Value at Risk (VaR) calculations, stress testing and scenario analysis tools, factor analysis, and real-time limits provide risk teams with the analytics they need to make the best possible risk decisions

Meeting the Needs of Different Departments

Portfolio Management - Monitor your portfolio in real-time.

  • Real-time blotter with shadow NAV, positions, P&L and risk
  • Multiple hierarchies for viewing risk/P&L (eg. legal entity, fund, managed account, portfolio, strategy)
  • Assign positions to user-defined portfolios, strategies, or custom groups
  • Pre-trade “what if” analytics
  • Fully customizable user interfaces
  • Spreadsheet-like workbench to create custom real-time dashboards
  • Wide range of assets and analytics supported, including extensive OTC derivative coverage

Risk Management - Advanced risk analytics for well-informed decision making.

  • Customizable screens allow you to see the risks you need to see
  • Real-time Greeks at position-level and portfolio level
  • Historical Value at Risk (VaR), with Marginal and Contributed VaR
  • Flexible scenario analysis
  • Stress testing
  • Pre-trade risk
  • Factor analysis, to view the real-time impact of a user-defined risk factor change on a set of positions
  • Real-time limits and alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting

Operations Management - A complete post-trade solution for an automated and scalable back office.

  • Automated trade feeds and reconciliations with third party systems
  • Full accounting and shadow NAV
  • Cash associated with positions for accurate performance attribution
  • Support for credit agreements and collateral calculations
  • P&L attribution
  • Performance attribution
  • Cash management
  • Support for OTC collateral agreements
  • Full historic audit trail

“We looked at many competing solutions and Oneview Asset Management (formerly TFG Complete) is the only one that provides true real-time across all asset classes and the various geographies we trade. Our product requirements – from total return swaps on Emerging Market sovereign bonds to CMS curve caps in the developed world – were all met by Oneview whereas many solutions started as equity or other specialty systems and aren’t as broad. Further, as our business grew quickly various complexities like managed accounts with different Fund Admins or new Prime Brokers were easily integrated. Finally, the global support model was attractive and has proved to be very reliable.” — Allan Bedwick, Chief Operating Officer, Guard Capital Management

Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
• Sybase
• Other
Language used
• C#
• C++
• Java
• Python
Operating system
• IBM i (i5/OS)
• Linux
• Other
Pricing structure
• Other
User interface
• Web
• Other
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