Hyperwallet: Card Solution

Hyperwallet's Card solution gives your sellers, drivers, or distributors immediate access to funds while also promoting your brand. Issue branded Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards that are ready to use right away.

Client-branded physical prepaid cards and/or electronic virtual cards enable seamless, real-time payouts and can be used right away anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Prepaid cards can be sent to the payee’s home address, handed out in-person, or virtually issued for online purchases. Integrated administration tools enable easy and efficient payout processing. 

The features in our Card solution help your business reduce payout processing hassles and provider your payees with instant access to their funds.

Core Features

- Local currency Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards
- Personalized, instant-issue, or virtual card delivery
- Fully client-branded cards, web interface, email notifications, and mobile app
- Integrated payee ID verification
- Easy card-to-bank account transfer functionality
- Built-in sanctions screenings
- Multilingual payee and client chat, phone, and email support
- ComprehensiVe reporting functionality

Add-On Features

- Tax compliance workflow
- Customizable loyalty offers
- Internal incentivization functionality

Quickly scale to pay the planet. Our Card solution can be implemented using the following methods.

Offer our payout technology through a fill-service, standalone portal that's simple to set up and offers easy access for your payees.

Minimal integration effort

- Delivered through a fully-brandable web and mobile experience
- Flexible payout integration options range from simple file upload to real-time APIs.
- Card is a payout solution you can be proud of. Contact a Hyperwallet Solution Expert today. 

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