Bottomline GTFrame®

Bottomline GTFrame®
Making complex business payments – Simple, Smart & Secure

GTFrame® provides comprehensive transformation and business flows integration services.

Regardless of the format and protocol, GTFrame is the ideal tool to ensure complete interoperability between legacy, national, SEPA and XML messaging standards. GTFrame includes messaging libraries such as SWIFT MT for FIN, ISO 15022, SWIFT MX, ISO 20022, SEPA, FIX, SIC, Secom, SARIE.

GTFrame® was the first SWIFT certified solution for SWIFTNet Funds and is a highly scalable service, able to deliver significant cost reductions through improving business process automation.

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Product and service specifications
Charging basis for consultancy work
• Time and materials
• Informix
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• IBM i (i5/OS)
• Linux
• Solaris
• Windows 2000
• Windows 2003
• Windows XP
Pricing structure
• Volume-based
EAI, Enterprise Application Integration