TLM Corporate Actions

With corporate actions volumes increasing, replacing manual processes is essential to control risk. SmartStream’s TLM Corporate Actions aims to deliver a streamlined, automated approach to complete, timely and accurate event processing.

By addressing the deficiencies of existing manual processes, TLM Corporate Actions is designed to greatly reduce the operational risk inherent in processing corporate actions. Its diary interface, considered to be unique drives configurable workflows to manage the complete event lifecycle.

TLM Corporate Actions consolidates information from a multitude of global sources to provide a single enterprise corporate actions service covering multiple markets and instrument types. It manages the capture, cleansing and distribution of data regardless of the source or format to create a golden record.

Standardised processes offer clarity and predictability across the entire event management process, providing control from data capture to settlement and enabling more effective position monitoring. TLM Corporate Actions extends automation out to an institution’s clients enabling them to make voluntary event elections online creating a more proactive business relationship.

TLM Corporate Actions’ rules-based approach provides accurate calculation of entitlements and generates the correct transactions. Any exceptions are quickly identified and routed for efficient resolution, reducing risk exposures and the costs associated with manual and inaccurate systems.

This integrated lifecycle approach to corporate actions is designed to significantly reduce the possibility of a single point of processing failure, increasing an institutions’ operational risk control and processing efficiency.

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Corporate Actions, STP, data cleansing, data capture, entitlements, event, golden record, golden, data scrubbing