Bottomline GTCash

Bottomline GTCash®
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By reducing the complexity of global cash management, GTCash® delivers a wide range of benefits and efficiencies to Treasury departments.

GTCash® integrates, combines and reconciles bank statement information, interim statements, and credit and debit notifications with adjusting transactions, expected transactions and current balance information to automatically calculate your global cash positions.

This happens on continuous forward and intra-day basis, regardless of bank, geography or currency. Multiple account hierarchies and viewpoints are available simultaneously, providing the Treasury with true global visibility and control of cash flow and working capital.

Bottomline GTLiquidity®

Working in conjunction with the cash forecasts, GTLiquidity® can automate cash concentration and pooling, proposing the optimum set of transfers for you.  Adjust or accept the recommendations, and the proposed transfers are placed in the appropriate workflow for authorisation and execution.

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