Depositary Cash Flow Monitoring

Our solution for Depositaries is an out-of-the-box solution for investment compliance, regulatory reporting and cash flow monitoring. It provides the following functionalities to ensure compliance with UCITS V & AIFMD:


Transaction Register for non-Custody Assets

  • Transaction Register functionality
  • Easily capture all non-custody assets – including derivatives, deposits, private equity, real estate
  • Links to related documents
  • Automated and manual input, to include multiple file formats from multiple brokers / counterparties


Cash Flow Monitoring

  • Automated monitoring of all fund cash flows
  • Monitor against limits, frequency, approved payees etc…
  • Monitoring for non-timely settlement of cash flows


Out-of-the-box limit monitoring and reporting

  • Monitoring of all UCITS investment rules, prospectus and other limits
  • On-going monitoring of AUM vs relevant “threshold limits”
  • Leverage Monitoring and Reporting on both Gross Method and Commitment Method
  • Liquidity Monitoring and Reporting – considering assets and investor dealing activity
  • Automated Production of Investor Disclosures and Regulatory Reporting
  • Monitoring and reporting for Portfolio Company Holding Disclosures
  • Capture of AIF’s risk profile and monitoring of Internal Risk Limits


NAV Validation Framework

  • Automated checks to meet requirements for oversight of Fund valuation
  • Monitoring for large movers, stale prices, unquoted and suspended stocks, expense accruals etc…
  • Derivatives re-pricing


Subscriptions and Redemptions Module

  • Capture all subscription and redemption / creation and cancellation instructions
  • Reconcile instructions to cash-flows, including on an aggregated basis


Custody Oversight

  • Suite of reports to easily analyse exposure to markets, issuers, brokers and counterparties
  • Collateral monitoring, including for excess collateral


Stock and Cash Reconciliations

  • Stock and Cash reconciliations framework – to support reconciliation between Fund Accounting and Custody records


Value at Risk Monitoring

  • Value at Risk Monitoring, in association with Statpro
  • Stress Testing and Back-testing


To find out more about our Depositary Cash Flow Monitoring solution, contact us for more information.

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