Design Technology

 Adapt your banking system functionality and business processes better, faster and more frequently

Temenos' Design offering boosts banks' responsiveness to changes in business requirements while reducing cost-per-change, by enabling banks to adapt the functionality of their Temenos business systems and to adapt their business processes in a productive, cost-efficient and low-risk manner.

Issues faced in Design

Our Design offering addresses the lack of responsiveness, productivity and cost-efficiency faced by banks that try to adapt their banking systems' functionality and their business processes by changing underlying code directly in the system. Your bank will benefit from our Design offering if it:

  • Struggles to adapt its Core Banking or Wealth Front Office functionality fast and frequently enough to respond effectively to evolving business requirements
  • Struggles to adapt its business processes - within the Core Banking system and beyond - fast and cost-efficiently to keep pace with evolving user and customer journeys
  • Bears high costs from relying on vendor-specialized experts, in-house tools and complex coding cycles to adapt functionality and business processes
  • Bears risks relative to poor-quality changes being made and deployed directly into the live business environment and potentially compromising the stability of business operations
  • Lacks the right tools and architecture to automate the change-the-bank process and to adopt software development best-practices that break down siloes within the change-the-bank team

How the Design offering helps

Our Design offering makes your bank much more responsive, productive, and cost-efficient. Most importantly, it enables you to easily make high-quality adaptions to your banking systems' functionality to stay abreast with evolving business requirements and customer journeys. Our Design products and framework are for you if you are seeking enhanced:

  • Responsiveness / Productivity: the ability to respond to evolving business requirements by adapting your functionality and processes much faster and much more frequently, possibly multiple times a week or even per day, without increasing costs
  • Quality: the ability to build and run a highly industrialized and institutionalized change-the-bank process which encourages high-quality development work and eliminates the risk of faulty changes affecting business operations
  • Cost-efficiency: reduce your dependence on vendor-specialized experts, legacy in-house tools and complex coding cycles, and maximize the level of automation of the change-the-bank process
  • "Research shows productivity improvements of up to 10 times from using intuitive configuration, as enabled by Design Studio; and up to 30 times with automation and best-practice adoption, as enabled by the Design Framework."

How it works

Our Design offering consists of products and also proposes an optimal way (framework) in which to deploy them in the bank.

  • Design Studio for Core Banking Change Management provides an intuitive Eclipse-based integrated graphical environment and a Model-Driven Development approach to software development that commodity specialists can use to easily configure changes in the Core Banking system (formerly T24).
  • Design Studio for Wealth Front Office provides similar capabilities as above, but for Temenos' Wealth Front Office system (formerly Triple'A Plus). Specifically, it supports efficient configuration of the entire standard Web User Interface of the Wealth Front Office system.
  • Design Studio for Core Banking Development provides facilities for developing additional software (code) that will run within the Core Banking system (formerly T24) environment.
  • Design Studio for BPM provides Eclipse-based integrated development environment which commodity specialists can use to easily create, amend, (re-)enrich, deploy and execute new and existing business workflows within the Core Banking system and beyond.
  • The Design Framework: separates the places where changes are designed, tested and deployed; and lets the bank exploit some of the above products in combination with standard third-party tools in order to automate the change-the-bank process and adopt software development best-practices. This framework is part of Temenos' approach to implementing enterprise architecture in the bank in order to reduce its cost-per-transaction.
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