A uniquely flexible payment offering full, real-time control and a harmonized customer service experience.

Issues faced

Recent market turmoil has led many banks to view the payments market as a 'safe bet' and a reliable profit centre when compared with the more exotic banking products. According to the 2015 McKinsey Global Payments Map, global payments revenues have been growing at rates in excess of expectations. As a result, investments in the payments function appear to have emerged relatively unscathed from cut-backs and banks are refocusing on their transaction banking operations. They are now looking to offer flexible payment functionality that supports their transaction banking customers in achieving greater efficiencies such as liquidity management solutions. In summary issues include:

  • Disintermediation from new players
  • Managing real-time payments
  • Increasing payment regulations
  • Cross-border payments inefficiencies
  • Handling digital payments
  • Multiple, complex systems
  • Addressing cryptocurrencies
  • Complete straight-through processing

How our solution helps

Our Payments product family is a uniquely flexible payment offering that not only gives banks full, real-time control but also a harmonized customer service experience and centralized for cost efficiencies and risk management. Payment Hub is designed to process domestic and international payments in one solution in any region as defined by analysts as "a vision for the payment architecture". It was designed in collaboration with a leading international bank to meet a gap in the market and with its rule and data driven approach, allows instant changes. Our auto-repair solution allows reaching STP rates of 97% and higher.

Our payments customers benefit from increased efficiency and profitability through:

  • A complete, single solution
  • Transparent, 360° view of transactions
  • Unique weight based processing supporting payment prioritization
  • Agile, parameter driven platform flexibility
  • Full operational and technical control
  • Conditional rules; avoiding the complexity of multiple connections and high risk programming
  • Stand alone or fully imbedded within Temenos core modules

What's included

A complete payment software solution for retail, private and corporate banking. The Payments product family uses our award winning technology, and multiple components and advanced tools. This gives banks the agility to develop a wide range of white label businesses quickly; anything from mobile payment solutions to liquidity management services such as cash consolidation. With our Payments product family you can now offer personalised services seamlessly to your customers across the globe.

The Payments product family offers an advanced architecture which provides product flexibility, tailored services and increased processing capacity to your mass payments capabilities. This gives you the control to quickly and effectively react to changing market demands and competitor threats, whilst reducing your maintenance risks and costs. The system is made up of components which follow a structured process to allow seamless processing. It can prioritise payments and once prioritised, payments only receive the necessary and relevant processing. The main modules available (but not limited to) are:

  • Payments Hub
  • Payments Repair

How it's delivered

We work with a global network of leading business, technology and services partners to reduce implementation risk, enable a faster time time-to-market and provide innovation.

Payments Expert Services are available to support our corporate banking clients prepare and implement our modules. Our Expert Services group offers both one-off tailored consultancy and also a wide range of packaged, or productized services. These services are a core part of services strategy to provide high impact, high value and high margin consultancy packages to our customers and partners.

25% of corporate treasurers worldwide have considered using alternative ePayment providers in contrast to as many as 47% in Europe.

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