Unlock the power of your data to become analytically driven and drive profitability and efficiency improvements throughout your entire organization

By using analytics you will be able to:

  • Empower business users with self-service access to accurate data providing a single version of the truth driving smarter decision making faster and with better business outcomes
  • Gain deep customer insight into behaviour and buying trends to drive a customer-centric approach to delivering products and services
  • Embed intelligent analytics into your core system to enrich every customer interaction and boost customer engagement with a superior user experience
  • Integrate real-time data and embed predictive analytics to drive real-time risk and marketing activities
  • Provide customers with contextual, relevant product offers and advice at a time when they are most likely to buy – improving cross selling, value of customer and customer loyalty
  • Integrate analytical capabilities directly into your core banking and other applications, making those applications, and the users of them, smarter and more efficient
  • Better understand and predict performance and drive strategies to improve operational efficiency and financial processes to minimize risk and drive profitable growth
  • Improve ROA (return on assets) and Profitability up to 30 basis points

What's included

Business Intelligence

  • The (BI) Business Intelligence Platform - a robust data warehouse architecture optimized and scalable for large data volumes and disparate data sources
  • Financial Intelligence - integrates data from Temenos Core and other GL (General Ledger) systems to provide a comprehensive set of accounting and financial performance reports, dashboards, and analytics, and KPI's (Key performance indicators).
  • Customer Intelligence Profitability - a module focused on Customer Profitability. This module includes robust funds transfer pricing and cost allocation modules along with pre-configured Temenos Core integration to automatically calculate profitability as the accounts aggregate all interest, fees, commissions, and charges
  • Customer Intelligence Pricing - a module that uses 'What-If' real-time analytics to determine the optimal pricing based on both risk and characteristics of a customer relationship.
  • Customer Intelligence Advanced Analytics - is a module focused on enabling full insight into the banks customers by providing hundreds of aggregated and calculated customer metrics
  • Operational Intelligence – provides insight into the operational efficiency of your business helping you to make informed strategic decisions regarding distribution channels, reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiencies

Predictive Analytics & Models

Predictive Analytics Framework - an analytics framework providing data discovery, data mining and predictive modelling capabilities. Three 'out of the box' predictive models are available:

  • Next best product - determine customers' "next best product" according to their profiles
  • Customer attrition – determines the likelihood of a customer leaving the bank
  • Customer future value – predicts the future value / profitability of each customer in the bank

Analytics delivery

  • Insight - a modern web based application which provides the ability to deliver the rich analytics to the end user
  • Vision BI Portal - provides the ability to deliver analytical content via Microsoft SharePoint.

Embedded Analytics

  • Embedded Analytics Platform – provides a capability to deliver analytical information via an interactive API infrastructure
  • Embedded Analytics for Retail Banking – This module focuses on 4 main customer metrics: Profitability, Loyalty, Attrition Risk, and Number of Products
  • Embedded Analytics for Corporate Banking– This module focuses on analytics for corporate lending officers and management of their portfolios.
  • Data Extraction
  • Data ExStore - extracts, transforms and stores core banking data.
  • Temenos Analytics & Reporting has been developed to provide customers with rapid deployment, low total cost of ownership, lower risk and better business results.

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