FundSuite is Multifonds; the award winning fund administration software providing fund accounting, portfolio accounting and investor servicing and transfer agency on a single platform:

  • Delivers long-only control and efficiency with alternatives flexibility on one platform, to support convergence between long-only and alternative funds
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating functions and systems on one platform across multiple geographies, asset classes, jurisdictions
  • Delivers increased efficiency through sophisticated workflow and exception management
  • Syndicates analysis/product development across clients, so that development costs are shared and all clients benefit from changes made to one code base
  • Supports both middle office and back office, and delivers the Investment Book Of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book Of Records (ABOR) from one platform
  • Provides ease of data access based on an open Oracle architecture

Whats Included

For fund and portfolio accounting:

  • Multiple valuation types including start-of-day, end-of-day/world (ABOR) and ad-hoc, intra-day for middle office investment view (IBOR)
  • All major fund structures and asset classes across 30+ fund domiciles
  • Multiple accounting and tax methods maintained for a single fund
  • Workflow and exception management
  • Trade and cash management, confirmation processing, position keeping, real time P&L, investment accounting, cash flow forecasting, corporate actions processing

For investor servicing and transfer agency:

  • Investor dealing and shareholder record-keeping
  • Investor servicing including alternatives flexibility with institutional control
  • Single instance supports multiple clients across 20+ fund domiciles
  • AML/KYC, order processing, cash management, distribution/commissions, retrocessions, performance fees, equalization/series of shares and partnership accounting

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