Misys FusionBanking Payment Manager

Increase fee income with greater transparency to make payments pay

Payments transformation isn't easy. Customers want greater accuracy and processing speed. The business demands increased revenues, reduced risk and lower costs. Efficiency, visibility and operational control over payments are critical but fragmented back offices and payment engines lead to complexity, a lack of automation and operational risk. Innovation demands that you first fix the daily challenges in payments.

FusionBanking Payment Manager and the FusionBanking Payment Insulator provide a low risk approach to modernise your payments and financial messaging environment step-by-step, without the need to replace or re-engineer existing systems.The payment hub centralises payments and messaging across channels and back office systems to increase straight-through processing and deliver enterprise wide operational control. Over 200 banks use Misys to quickly rollout new messaging standards, reduce risk in payments, increase processing capacity and cut overheads. With the agility to adapt and control payment flows, you can focus on service innovation and value-added solutions.

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Payments, STP, payments engine, financial messaging

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