PT-X Payments and Business Solution Suite



PT-X simplifies the processing of business payments and collections in four easy steps from any location using secure, cloud-based technology.


Ensure your payments and collections are completed in the most secure and cost-effective way with PT-X advanced security features.


Save time and money with improved cashflow visibility and control by seeing who you’ve paid when and how.


Whether you’re a smaller business or an enterprise organisation, PT-X will easily grow with your payment processing needs so you only pay for the functionality you choose.


UK Payments

Fully approved by Bacs, PT-X provides an easy, secure and efficient way to make payments to your suppliers and employees as well as collect regular payments from your customers.

Whether you are directly or indirectly submitting Bacs Direct Debit, Direct Credit or Faster Payments, PT-X simplifies and streamlines your payments process in a few easy steps, helping to maximise back-office efficiency.

For bureaux processing payments on behalf of others, PT-X is the perfect fit, easily supporting multiple clients, locations, users and transaction types. If your business prefers to use installed, on-premise payment software, then PT-X offers an ideal contingency solution in the event of a disaster or unexpected event.

Cash Collections

PT-X Cash Collections enables you to manage all aspects of the collections lifecycle from a single platform. There is the ability to manage the full range of collection channels such as Direct Debits, invoices, card payments or online payments with the same degree of visibility, efficiency and control.

  • Track the invoice lifecycle from creation to fulfilment, eliminate traditional excuses for non-payment and reduce your cash risk
  • Add resilience via our cloud service that allows you to automate the onboarding and management of direct debit collections.
  • Simplify and automate manual processing of card collections whether this is one-off credit and debit card payments or continuous card collections.
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