Electra Billing

Rigid, inflexible billing systems, lead to fee billing errors, increased costs and slower revenue collection.

As a controller, CFO, or billing manager, you need an intuitive, cost-effective workflow-based solution that provides customizable security, performance fee billing and complex fee schedule creation. Electra Billing is a fully compliant solution that grows your business while at the same time manages your costs.

Electra Billing, previously known as Quantum, streamlines your operations with efficient fee billing automation, invoicing analysis, accounting and reporting. This comprehensive offering ensures that your cash flow management is efficient and accurate with archives and audit trails for compliance, and improves service levels with customized communications and reporting to help strengthen client relationships.

The solution helps eliminate errors, reduce costs and accelerate cash flows through its reference fee schedules and fee payment activity, extensive data importing and exporting capabilities and enabling users to run advanced reporting using Electra’s secure architecture.

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