The ETHIX-Net e-banking solution offers a unified and centralized view of the customer, allowing single point of access to all the relationships the customer has forged with the bank, both Retail and Corporate. The customer-centric architecture enables the bank to launch one-stop financial services for its customers. This effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities.

Tailored to the requirements of local and international banks and their customers, ETHIX-Net solution has been created to enable banks to provide customers with secure, 24x7 access to their account information. This integrated banking solution enables customers to perform many critical banking functions from a browser interface.

ETHIX-Net solution is an application which provides both Retail and Corporate banking functionalities. It offers the ideal solution to financial institutions who want to offer Internet Banking to customers. ETHIX-Net is based on the most recent technological developments and meets the most stringent user convenience, cost effectiveness and time-to-market requirements. 

ETHIX-Net is a totally secure Internet Banking application and comprises of independent components which perform banking functions distributed through the Internet. The application architecture enables banks to segment their markets (Retail, small businesses and corporate) while maintaining a single application. ETHIX-Net is can be easily configured and it can provide a cost-effective solution to meet today's rigorous time-to-market requirements.

Built on industry standard platforms J2EE, our e-banking solution provides the bank tremendous exibility to extend its product portfolio and customize the solution according to requirements. The architecture of the solution enables the bank to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere, add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. All this enhances the agility of operations, helping the bank to reach out and better serve its customers.

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Internet Banking, E-Banking

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