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Risk bureau service

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StatPro’s risk bureau service can take the hassle out of risk reporting

It provides asset managers a complete illustration of the risk factors in their strategy, cost- effectively and in an easy to understand format.

We know you need to be able to narrow in on how your portfolio will react to changes in volatility across all major markets: be it equities, bonds, currencies or interest rates. So, the service eliminates the expense and time of installing and managing risk software. We work directly with your portfolio data in a secure environment, run extensive risk calculations and generate risk reports for you, simply.

The end results allow you to see your portfolio’s risk drivers and make critical decisions about your holdings. You can distribute these reports both internally and externally to your clients.

Ask us about the risk bureau service today

·         Reduce your workload – let us take care of it!

·         Ensure you have an understanding of your sensitivity to key risk factors, including volatility, currencies and inflation

·         See how much money you may lose if you were to liquidate key positions

·         Analyze the key drivers of each position's valuation and expected profit or loss under different scenarios.

·         View how your funds will perform under historical or engineered conditions.

·         comply with the risk management requirement of UCITS IV regulation

Why chose StatPro for this service?

·         Our asset coverage is among the highest in the world - we cover over 300 asset classes and counting.

·         Our analysis covers VaR, Hybrid VaRliquidity risk, decomposition, stress testing, attribution and sensitivity

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StatPro is a global provider of portfolio analytics for the investment community. Our cloud based services provide vital analysis of portfolio performance, attribution and risk for hundreds of fund managers, RIAs, CEOs, heads of risk, sales directors, marketing managers and authorized corporate directors.

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