Fitch Credit Ratings

Credit ratings that span industries, companies, countries and securities. 

Produced by industry and regional specialists who cover the world’s capital markets, Fitch Credit Ratings are an objective assessment of an entity’s creditworthiness and serve as an important indicator of potential risks and investment opportunities. 

Fitch Credit Ratings is available through Fitch Connect – the powerful and intuitive platform from Fitch Solutions that enables management of credit risk with greater efficiency, clarity and ease.

Key Highlgihts

Comprehensive coverage: Assess the creditworthiness of 9,000 entities worldwide with access to four levels of market sector indexing, over 100 fields of issuer data, and 25 distinct rating types, including recovery,national, local currency, country ceiling, market sensitivity and viability ratings.

Historical data: Analyze probabilities of default with approximately 5 million historical ratings, outlooks and watch status coverage on issuers and issues, including those that have expired, defaulted, matured or are no longer covered by Fitch Ratings.

Quality credit opinions: Rely on Fitch Credit Ratings as a valuable and independent input into the credit decision-making process. Located across 38 offices, Fitch Ratings analysts have on average 15 years of experience and the lowest analyst- to-credit ratio of the Big 3 rating agencies. Rating committees include participation by an analyst from outside the sector for a well-rounded perspective.

Industry-leading bank coverage: Validate internal credit risk rating models with ratings on over 3,500 banks across developed and emerging markets. Fitch Ratings covers more banks than any other credit rating agency, and pioneered Viability Ratings, an approach to assessing stand-alone financial strength of banks, and Support Rating, a measure of the potential support should an institution fail.


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