Available as a standalone solution or as an add-on to Syn∽Finance, Syn∽FTT is designed specifically for calculating, reporting and paying global financial transaction taxes. This gives you the ability to process FTT across business lines, asset classes and regions.


  • True STP capabilities
  • Task driven role based workflow
  • Intelligent exception management
  • Easily interface with and validate trade data from multiple sources.
  • Configurable rules to identify tax or exemption applicability
  • Rule driven charge schedules for correct tax rate application
  • Flexible trade netting per tax country, to allow optimization by client of firm
  • Reprocessing capabilities to correctly apply amendments
  • Declarations formatted by custodian and reporting agent
  • Reconciles tax taken vs tax paid (market and client side)
  • Run global tax operations, across business lines, across regions in one system
  • Easy deployment via a URL and Browser means that your IT resources do not need to spend time installing or updating software


From analysing Trade FTT applicability through to declaration and rebate processing, Syn~FTT provides the complete solution with "Out of the box" FTT calculations and rules for quick delivery.

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Linux
• Windows 7
Pricing structure
• Other
User interface
• Web
financial transaction tax accounting, FTT