axe Retail lending

axe Credit Management (Retail & Corporate Lending)

Axe Credit Application Management bring powerful functionality to lenders and is designed to more effectively automate and manage credit approval and follow up processes whatever the distribution channel or customer type. It streamlines the credit file creation and associated workflows, credit lifecycle and documentation management:


Credit Decisioning and Risk Based Pricing

  • Rule-based and risk-sensitive credit pricing encompassing differentiated processes (e.g. fast track for low PD/LGD/EAD…)
  • Credit application forms and workflow processes configured to suit the bank’s requirements so that all credit and risk parameters are factored into a decision
  • Automatic routing of tasks via client-specific workflows to middles office, risk department etc according to delegated authorities, risk profiles, customer/transaction type etc
  • Workflows can be modified at any time without vendor intervention to suit changing business needs
  • Multiple workflows – triggering only the workflow required depending on the customer segment, loan value, product, etc., etc
  • Credit approval in stages, rather than just a one shot yes/no approval file generation.
  • Implement the most appropriate centralisation or decentralisation of the credit sanctioning authority and complementary tasks as is deemed most efficient
  • Automatically re-allocate a task when a user is absent
  • Alert management (real-time, and scheduled) via SMS, etc., both to internal bank staff and to external stakeholders – fully configurable
  • 100% web enabled and deployable across a network of branches / remote offices.
  • Administration and monitoring of all credit applications
  • Support for any fully or partially automated credit decisioning process

Data and Document Management

  • Manual input or automatic import of data (such as customer static and exposure data, product pricing and other credit policies, credit bureau data, collateral data) from internal and external data sources including core banking systems, data warehouses, and credit agencies.
  • Link relationships between customers, credit lines and collaterals/guarantees
  • Client, group, and profile-specific user interfaces (dedicated screens for relationship managers, analysts, credit control, etc.)
  • Electronic document scanning and storage and easy access to documents 
  • Automatic generation of documents such as facility offer letter, board resolution….

 Reporting and Administration

  • Credit memos automatically generated from bank specified templates
  • Measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – bringing the ability to identify bottlenecks, speed up processes, optimise processes, and ultimately to improve the level of customer service
  • Early warning system-generated alerts (emails, logs, work lists) based on any event (e.g., maturity dates, facility review)
  • Log of all decisions, comments etc for each credit decision
Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• N/A
Operating system
• N/A
Pricing structure
• N/A
User interface
• Web
Credit Process Automation, Workflow, Credit Management, Credit Risk Management