CreditQuest Rating Manager

CreditQuest Rating Manager is a highly flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use practically any risk rating model. Rating Manager supports rating models that incorporate borrower demographics, analysis of financial statements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, bank account activity, quality of collateral, real time alerts and more.

Manage the Entire Risk Rating Process
Rating Manager oversees and enforces the entire business process the financial institution’s employees must follow. The business process includes the retrieval of supporting information (such as financial statements), the manual entry of judgmental assessments, the approval of a risk rating and manual overrides when appropriate.
Retrieve Risk-Related Information in Real-Time
Rating Manager aggregates and displays all the risk-related information about each borrower including demographic data (income, location, etc.), financials, credit and collateral, industry segment data, related parties, historical ratings, alerts, etc. In addition, Rating Manager tracks borrower related real-time risk indicators and alerts, such as breach of covenants, warnings for expired documents, alerts for overdrawn accounts, etc.
Facilitates Basel II-Compliant Rating Models
All modules in the CreditQuest suite have been designed easy use and comprehensive credit risk data gathering, assessment and management enabling the financial institution to build a strategic data mart of historical risk data. The data mart, which is at the heart of CreditQuest, facilitates the development, calibration and maintenance of internal rating models – including support for Basel II models.
Historical Data Management and Model Versioning
Rating Manager has been architected to ensure that all risk-related data is stored in such a manner that it can be processed for risk analysis purposes using statistical methods. Therefore, risk related information is highly structured. In addition, in order to track the influence of risk affecting data over time, a complete history of risk-related information is maintained.
Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• C#
• C++
• Java
• Visual Basic
Operating system
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Per seat
User interface
• Web
risk rating, rating management, rating model, risk indicators, breach of covenants, alerts