CreditQuest Credit Manager

CreditQuest Credit Manager is a complete solution for processing commercial and small business credit applications and managing the full customer business relationship, significantly reducing application turnaround time while improving consistency and risk.

Credit Manager provides an integrated software system that incorporates workflow and streamlined data entry, financial statement reports, an aggregate customer account relationship view, document management, automated credit write-ups, all from a single desktop. It standardizes transaction processing for simple small business loan applications. It also accommodates the flexibility and detail needed to address high-end corporate financing requests that can encompass several entities and include many facilities.
Reduce Turnaround
Credit Manager significantly speeds credit request processing.
  • Data entry is streamlined presenting the screens appropriate to the customer and product type in the request
  • Host interface automatically updates all accounts and balances in a single step
  • Automated workflows assist with navigation, enforce following established rules and captures all decisions on a request
  • Whether retrieving prior credit application history, pulling credit bureau reports, or accessing financial statement spreads, all items are accessed with a few clicks
  • Users can enter the application narrative comments and recommendation, run spell-check and preview the credit memo.
Mitigate Risk
Credit Manager contains full risk-rating capabilities where you may incorporate simple small business or professional customer risk models, or conduct comprehensive multi-step commercial risk assessment. The models can integrate automated responses, integrate factors based on financial statement information, as well as support manual input and overrides capturing justification comments.
Better Credit Information Management
Credit Manager organizes and aggregates all information for managing the credit processes:
  • Banking Activity Review all customer-related accounts providing a complete presentation of a customer’s credit, collateral, deposits and fee income―both historical and up-to-the-minute.
  • Business Structure See the big picture and overlapping ownership and influence, using an interactive ownership “tree” for a complete graphical representation of affiliated companies, individuals and additional business ties.
  • Credit Memo Automated credit memos automatically assemble all information. The administrator controls the precise content, format and layout properties to produce consistent, professional presentation-ready results – for printed page and electronic use.
  • Customer-Related Correspondence Access all customer-related correspondence from one source.
Personal Workspace
The personal desktop lets each credit officer and credit analyst see a personalized view of their work:
  • Pending Applications
  • Alerts and Exceptions
  • E-mail and Calendar
  • Document Ticklers
  • Referrals and Opportunities
Tailored workflow profiles also streamline data entry and collection by presenting only the screens that your institution has defined as necessary to the current transaction type or entity size. Credit Manager lets you verify and manage customer-provided documents, and supports the full range of credit approval processes, ranging from automated retail loan applications to complex corporate applications that may involve multiple decision makers at dispersed geographical locations.
Recover Delinquent Debt
Credit Manager’s debt recovery functionality focuses on the tracking and management of delinquent loans and customers. The system manages the entire collections lifecycle from the sending out notification letters to a court case to recovery, auction or write off. A diary of the recovery process is maintained whereby all events, payments and any other collection details are recorded.
Product and service specifications
• MS SQL Server
• Oracle
Language used
• C#
• C++
• Java
• Visual Basic
Operating system
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Per seat
User interface
• Web