Fitch Bank Fundamentals

Fitch Fundamentals is Fitch Solutions’ financial core data set, providing accurate and timely financials on thousands of institutions globally. 

As the most comprehensive source of bank financial data available in the market, Fitch Bank Fundamentals is used by 90% of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Fitch Ratings analysts, to identify risk indicators across developed and emerging markets.

Key Highlights

Extensive bank coverage: Conduct global peer and cross-border analysis with standardized financial data on over 33,000 private and public banks across 200 countries, along with up to 30 years of history.

High quality and accurate: Perform critical bank analysis with data that has been put through a rigorous data integrity process to identify any defects, including a ‘four eyes’ spot check, 150 validations, independent audit sampling and root cause analysis.

In-depth financial statements: Analyze data at a more granular level, and gain credit insight by accessing the same financial drivers that Fitch Ratings analysts use to arrive at a credit rating. Each bank statement incudes up to 550 data points per bank, 50 pre-calculated ratios and access to the original source filing.

Timely credit intelligence: Stay abreast of market changes and credit trends as annual and interim financial data for the largest 3,200 bank are available within 48 hours of filing. Fitch Solutions will also spread client initiated banks within days of receiving the request.

Fitch Fundamentals is available exclusively through Fitch Connect, the powerful and intuitive platform that enables management of credit risk with greater efficiency, clarity and ease.



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