Fitch Connect-- Content Delivery

Introducing a world class platform from Fitch Solutions offering fundamental data, proprietary research, credit ratings, and analytics

Whether researching entities, compiling data for analysis, or monitoring market movements, Fitch Connect provides control over the information you see. Fitch Connect provides one platform where content sets can be delivered via multiple delivery channels to service the diverse data consumption models of credit risk professionals everywhere. 

Content Highlights 

  • Analyze the largest coverage of bank fundamentals in the market, economic data on sovereigns, including 3-year forecast data, as well as financials on insurers and corporates.
  • Access 25 distinct rating types, including recovery, national, local currency, country ceiling, volatility, and viability ratings.
  • Determine probabilities of default with historical ratings, outlooks and watch status coverage on issuers and issues, including those that have expired, defaulted, matured or are no longer covered by Fitch Ratings.
  • Leverage the same data Fitch Ratings analysts use in their credit rating process.
  • Evaluate the credit quality of counterparties and identify market opportunities with insight produced by Fitch Ratings analysts based in 31 countries who cover 24 sectors.
  • Discuss the credit ratings, sources and methodologies behind Fitch’s analysis with the analysts themselves, whose approach is globally consistent, while remaining regionally and locally focused.

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Product and service specifications
• Oracle
• Sybase
• Other
Language used
• C++
• Cobol
• Java
• Other
Operating system
• IBM i (i5/OS)
• IBM z/OS
• Linux
• Max OS X
• Windows 2000
• Other
Pricing structure
• Fixed
• Volume-based
• Other
User interface
• Terminal
• Web
• Other
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