Misys FusionCapital Sophis

Bringing trading, risk management and operations closer together


FusionCapital Sophis offers a single solution to the many challenges faced by modern derivatives trading desks. It brings an integrated approach to the complex challenges of derivatives trading, risk management and trade processing.
With its unified functionality, FusionCapital Sophis empowers a bank to manage its books operationally and also from a trading and risk perspective. Unrivalled portfolio management allows traders to stay one step ahead of the market, confident in the knowledge that they also have the most advanced risk and collateral management tools.
As an integrated solution, the same data is used across all assets and functions to offer true front-to-back pricing, risk, processing and reporting. Many of the world’s top banks rely on FusionCapital Sophis to handle their equity and commodity derivatives and Delta One trading activities. Why?
Because FusionCapital Sophis works the way traders, sales, risk managers and product control users do. From market-leading portfolio management through to comprehensive risk analytics, hedging capabilities and lifecycle management, FusionCapital Sophis drives business growth and profitability.



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