NovumIP from FusionExperience goes live across three continents

London - 2 February 2015

FusionExperience, the business and data solutions provider, has today announced that NovumIP – the first full Cloud end-to-end Intellectual Property (IP) Lifecycle Management application – is now live in multiple countries of its first client. This follows the initial launch of the solution on 31 July, 2014.

Powered by the platform and utilising the smart search features of Anomaly42, the NovumIP application went live in only four months, servicing the entire IP portfolio of an international bluechip telecommunications provider.

“Our client required an application that was able to support all the requirements of its sophisticated IP department through a single consistent user interface,” said Steve Edkins, CEO of FusionExperience. “Our choice of cloud technology, strategic partners, development methodology and comprehensive in house IP experience ensured this was delivered in record time for an Enterprise wide solution.”

NovumIP supports the full IP lifecycle that extends from the nurture of new ideas via an inventor portal to the preparation of aggressive and defensive cases to protect IP from infringement. With this approach, NovumIP allows businesses to manage potential IP risks from start to finish.

NovumIP provides 100% visibility of the IP portfolio, improves process efficiency, reduces administration costs, improves accuracy, reduces errors and increases IP Portfolio profitability. It uses state of the art Search techniques to link structured and unstructured data normally held across multiple systems.

“15 billion pages of data were ingested and can now be searched in real time. As a result, tasks that previously took days now happen in seconds,” said Joan Mill, Head of Sales at FusionExperience. “Not only is our client managing its IP portfolio more effectively now, but it is reducing costs and risks by retiring legacy systems and ceasing the use of Excel to store business critical data.’