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18 May 2012

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ValidSoft enters the US market with Spindle

ValidSoft, a vendor of telco-based fraud prevention, authentication and transaction verification solutions, has won a contract to supply its primary Smart tool to Spindle, a US-based provider of mobile commerce and alternative payment solutions.

The Secure Mobile Architecture for Real-time Transactions (Smart) tool will be integrated into Spindle's RhinoVerify security solution. It is a bespoke multi-layered, multi-factor authentication and transaction verification offering that should enhance the security of the US company’s payment offerings.

"We are delighted to announce this partnership with Spindle, which offers its banking customers, merchants and partners a compelling and innovative value proposition that we believe will generate a great deal of attention in the marketplace," said Pat Carroll, chief executive of ValidSoft. "This is a strong technical win for ValidSoft, which provides further validation of our advanced security capabilities in the mobile payments arena and gives ValidSoft the ability to greatly expand our company's presence in the US.”

• For the a recent security blog from ValidSoft head, Pat Carroll, discussing the lessons that can be learnt from the Global Payments data breach, please click here.

By Neil Ainger

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