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OptionsCity releases next generation of electronic trading software

email this aricle - OptionsCity releases next generation of electronic trading software  - Chicago, IL - 30 March 2012 print this article - OptionsCity releases next generation of electronic trading software  - Chicago, IL - 30 March 2012

OptionsCity Software announced the release of Freeway 1.1 and Metro 3.1, the next generations of its end-to-end electronic trading solutions. High performance and progressive functionality are benchmarks of both releases.

Freeway 1.1 is the supercharged version of the multi-asset algorithmic trading platform released last September by OptionsCity. Major performance tuning was completed with Freeway 1.1, breaking the 100 micro-second barrier for round-trip execution. This was achieved by a combination of low level system adjustments and reconfiguration of the code base to take maximum advantage of system resources.

Metro 3.1 offers an optimized exchange connectivity layer improving the response times of both the mass quoting and target finder engines by 70%. Metro 3.1 includes a completely redesigned risk module that runs multiple real-time risk reports and employs server-based risk settings, increasing the capability of handling complex relationships between large sets of products. This version also includes enhanced trade sheet functionality, improved pricing models, and strip pricing features to address the needs of energy and over-the-counter (OTC) traders.

“The new generations of Metro and Freeway dramatically raise the bar for off-the-shelf electronic trading software,” remarked Freddy Guime, Director of Client Technology at OptionsCity. “We have worked hard to ensure that clients are well-equipped with powerful and intelligent trading solutions to effectively outperform in the arms race of high-speed electronic trading.”

Metro was recently named “Best options trading platform” in the Wall Street Letter’s 2012 Institutional Trading Awards. Newly-launched Freeway is a multi-asset trading platform designed for quick development and deployment of custom algorithmic trading strategies.

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